There are just certain things you should leave behind when you go RVing. If you are an experienced RV camper, you undoubtedly have your own stories of clothing and accessories gone bad while on the road. However, for all you new RVers out there, consider these points to be helpful words of RV travel wisdom that might save you some feelings of discomfort.

Skip These When You Go RVing

  1. Perfume or cologne. Ladies and gents, when you are living in tight RV quarters, no one wants to smell massive quantities of Eternity or Drakkar Noir. Besides, bees can detect and follow strong scents. Wearing perfumes or fragrances will attract nectar-seeking bees and wasps from a distance. Leave the perfume at home.
  1. 100% Cotton. Because cotton absorbs perspiration and moisture, it’s best to opt for organic cotton blended with faster-drying performance fabrics like polyester or merino wool instead. That way, if you get stuck outside in the rain or are out for a hike on a warm day, your clothing will wick away any moisture.
  1. Anything Tight-Fitting. Your RVing clothes should be loose enough to allow for a fair amount of air circulation. Your pants should be long enough to cover your ankles and offer protection from the sun and bug bites. If you bring along a backpack, make sure that the bottoms of your shirts are long enough to cover the lower part of your back so that the backpack won’t chafe your skin. The only exception to this rule pertains to socks or footwear. Your socks and shoes should be snug so that you avoid getting blisters.
  1. Visors. Skip the visor and wear a hat that fully covers the top of your head when you go RVing. Not only to prevent sunburn, but also for keeping insects from dropping into your hair. You should also make sure that the material is flexible so that you can easily fold or cinch it up, and fit it into your backpack. Another tip is to look for a hat with mesh fabric on the top to allow for ventilation.
  1. Flip-flops or Sandals. While flip-flops or sandals may be suitable for the beach, you won’t want to wear anything that might impede your ability to use the brake and gas pedal while driving an RV. Also, consider the location of your RV’s air vents when choosing shoes. If your air-conditioning or heat is blasting out of a foot-level vent, casual tennis or driving styles will always be your best bet.

Whether you are new to RV travel or just never gave a whole lot of thought to camping attire, you’ll find that what you wear can make a huge difference in your comfort factor when you go RVing. For advice on RV appraisals, RV consignments or pre-owned RV sales, contact Easy Escapes RV at (863) 450-4915.