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RV Consignment Florida

Why would you want to contact the team at Easy Escapes RV when given a choice about where to consign your RV? The answers are easy. Aside from the fact that we have over 40 years of experience in the industry and consider the long­term relationships we have with our clients to be the most important aspects of our business, below are a few more reasons to consign your RV with us.

    1. Convenience. Wherever you happen to be located throughout Florida, we will come to your location and provide you with a appraisal. This means less hassle, less gas, and less driving time for you.
    2. Trust. We take away any frustrations, headaches or stress associated with selling your RV, by handling the entire process. You don’t have to worry about your privacy, safety or any liability.
    3. Success. Our reputation and the number of referrals we receive from previous clients are the two best testimonials to our success. Easy Escapes RV is a business that has been built on strong family values, business ethics and hard work.
    4. Know How. When you consign with Easy Escapes, we have the industry knowledge to ensure that you set and get a fair price for your motorhome or RV. Then, we take care of all the paperwork involved during the sale and title transfer of your RV.
    5. Focus. Easy Escapes RV focuses exclusively on RV consignments. We don’t have a large sales lot full of new inventory that we need to sell, so we have the time and ability to spend with each client to make sure the RV consignment process is smooth and easy.
    6. Marketing. We know the market, have done the research, and will list your RV on our website and on other major RV websites that will attract the right types of buyers. Our marketing team invests time and money into proven advertising channels that bring results. And, since we handle the marketing, you don’t have to answer phone calls from strangers or make any appointments.

If you have a quality pre­-owned RV that you are ready to sell, contact us today.

Click HERE for your RV appraisal or contact us now at: (863) 450-4915 and we will guide you through the process by phone.