Sell my RV on Consignment

We Turn Your RV into Cash

We’ve all been there.  Life happens and you need to make some changes. One of those changes might be the sale of your RV. Here at Easy Escapes RV we understand that situations change and you want help. That’s why we’re here.

We’re Experienced

Our expert staff in central Florida has 40+ years of RV consignment and sales experience. We’ve seen just about every situation and have the knowledge to handle whatever comes; whatever your situation is. So don’t worry that your story might sound odd or your situation might be less than pleasant. We’re about getting your RV sold quickly to the perfect buyer.

Rest Assured, RV Owners

If you need to sell your RV quickly but are wary about RV consignment services, don’t fret one more minute. At Easy Escapes RV we know it can be difficult to trust someone with the sale of your beloved ride, and we have established policies to gain your trust. We know that you just want honesty without all the sweet talk that sometimes doesn’t come true with other consignment companies. Our mission is to be upfront and honest throughout the entire process; from appraisal to final sale. After 40 years in the business we must be doing it right!

We Do Things Differently and Better

Firstly, we’re honest enough to tell you if consignment is for you. If there’s a better option for your situation we’ll point you in the right direction with a referral. Secondly, we give a no holds barred honest appraisal. You need to know what the real situation is so it can be taken care of and your RV presented in its best possible light. Lastly, we focus only on consignment sales. Your RV won’t be competing with new models on our lot.

We Know Your RV, No Matter the Type

With decades of full time RV consignment sales under our belt, we know your RV. We can appraise it properly; tell you what buyers like to see and help you get it showroom ready no matter what type of RV you’re selling. As an experienced RV consignment dealer we know class A, class B, travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers…you name it. We’ve sold it. We can sell yours, too.

The Appraisal: Our Simple & Easy Process

If you live in central Florida and can’t bring your RV to us for appraisal we come to you. Relax while our expert appraiser goes over every inch of your RV, collecting important, detailed information that potential buyers want to know. We’ll give you a heads up on small or big tweaks that can be made to increase your sale price and make a note of improvements you’ve already done so they can be featured during the sale. If for any reason you can’t make the improvements yourself we can assist with that, too. Our RV services are focused on helping you get top dollar for your vehicle.

Your Baby’s in Good Hands

When we say all you have to do is hand us the keys and relax, we mean it. After the appraisal and any tweaks have been made we park your RV on our lot and gear up for action. Our consignment program includes parking on our secure, paved lot with 24-hour webcam. You can check in on your RV any time you want; day or night. Our shuttle service is also at your disposal should you need it to visit our lot. We know how much you depend on good customer service for peace of mind and we’ve got you covered.

We Get the Word Out

Our dealership services are second to none. During consignment with Easy Escapes RV we create a marketing strategy uniquely suited to your RV and direct it at buyers we know will love it. We handle all the legwork, phone calls and outreach to get your RV in front of the best potential buyers for your particular model. We also conduct our sales efforts with integrity, honesty and a straightforward approach. Our longevity in the RV consignment business is a testament to this simple and ethical way of doing business.

Easy Escapes RV Pairs Your RV with the Right Buyer

A great RV sales company isn’t just focused on the seller but also the RV buyers. It’s important to make a good deal for all parties where everyone walks away happy. At Easy Escapes RV we work hard to get the details of what buyers are looking for specifically so we can match their desires with the perfect model RV for their lives. This results in satisfied customers who send us referrals. Our dedication to this process has kept our business on top for 40+ years, not to mention a reputation for getting RVs sold quickly for top dollar.

Our Clients Love Us

We handle clients from all over central Florida as well as the entire state. But it doesn’t stop there. We have sold RVs for clients as far away as San Francisco and have glowing testimonials to prove our process is the most appreciated in the industry. Our straightforward way of doing business with “no sugar-coating” gets us referrals from all over the country. People appreciate being treated with honesty and respect instead of being told a fairy tale.

We’re Ready to Sell Your RV!

So we’ve laid out the fact why we are the best option for your RV consignment and are ready to help you today. Whether you have an older model or a new one, we’re the best hands you can be in to get your RV sold quickly and easily. We are happy to answer any questions you might still have about the process or ready to come out for an appraisal if we’ve already convinced you.