Good Customer Service Means No Cost Until Sold

Easy Escapes RV is aptly named: Easy. When you consign your RV with us you are putting your beloved

ride into the hands of experts with decades of experience in RV sales. Read on to find out how we make it as effortless as possible for both seller and buyer, and why our reputation for customer satisfaction has kept us on top for over 40 years.

The best part of our method is: there’s zero cost to you until your RV is sold.

When We Say Easy, We Really Mean It

Selling your RV starts with your decision to sell. Maybe you’ve outgrown it and want another model or maybe life circumstances have changed and you need to prioritize. No matter what the reason is, we’ve helped someone like you in the past and can ease your burden of selling with our effective process and exemplary customer support.

RV Consignment Central Florida

Getting to the Real Value

Getting your vehicle appraised is the second step. We’ve done property appraisals of every kind of RV made whether it is Class A, Class B, travel trailer or other type, and know what to look for. It goes beyond cubic feet, standard size or the basic amenities and their condition. We look for added features we know buyers are looking for and if we don’t find them we suggest you adding them.

Our expert appraisal cost to you: zero.

Our Storage is Excellent…and Free

Forget long term storage fees when you consign with us. It’s another benefit to working with the best. We have a paved and secure fenced lot with a 24-hour RV cam so you can check on your property day or night with one click on your mouse. Other small business consignments don’t think about how heavily this might weigh on a seller: the security of storage. We know it does and we took steps to erase that concern from your mind.

Our secure storage costs you exactly zero.

Salespeople Cost Money but Not Yours

Part of our marketing strategy is having knowledgeable sales people on staff that know the product inside and out and what’s more, know how to sell it. Easy Escapes RV has the most experienced staff in the game and they know how to sell your rig fast. Expertise like this isn’t cheap. But guess who doesn’t have to pay for that? You.

We Get Your RV in Front of the Right Buyers

Sales these days absolutely must include social media marketing on the right social media platforms to reach every potential buyer for your RV. We are active on social networks daily, getting your RV in front of the buyers who want what you’re selling. Marketing on social media means having the right types of content to appeal to these buyers and we’ve got that covered, too. Your buyer is our target audience and we reach them via brand awareness and market research. Targeted marketing like this takes time and effort.

Cost to you: still zero.

When Do You Pay?

When we hand you a check for your sold RV is when you pay. Not before. Whether we’ve contracted a percentage of final sale or a commission, you don’t have to put your hand in pocket until our job is done. That’s just one of the many reasons RV sellers continue to make Easy Escapes RV the perfect choice for RV consignment.

Leave it to us!

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