Buy a Used RV at Easy Escapes

Looking for that perfect ride to cruise the country or retire in? No matter which model you seek; Class A, Class B, or Class C motorhomes, travel trailer or toy hauler, Easy Escapes can hook you up with the RV of your dreams. We’ve been consigning and selling RVs for 40+ years and have a knack for matching the perfect RV with every potential buyer walking our lot.

What You’re Really Looking For is This

Owning an RV is in most peoples’ minds the ultimate freedom. No anchor weighing you down. You’re free to go on that road trip wherever the wind and your whims take you. It’s a great example of living the American dream.

Our job is to make the buying process as simple and enjoyable as possible.

New or Used?

You may have perused a lot of glossy brochures from RV dealerships with all the latest gadgets and gizmos. It’s very seductive, to be sure. But if you haven’t considered pre-owned you definitely should. A pre-owned RV that’s in tip top shape can literally save you thousands of dollars right off the bat. Once you figure in the depreciation, financing and maintenance of a new vehicle you will feel like you saved even more. Just like an automobile, once the new RV drives off the lot it depreciates thousands of dollars already.

Buying a Consigned RV Saves You Thousands

Instead of handing over that giant check only to see the value depreciate wildly on your maiden voyage, buy a consigned RV from Easy Escapes. We are a top quality only RV consignment company with decades of experience. We know the true value of our consignments and are honest, ethical salespeople. We won’t sell you a rig full of surprises. After all, we don’t like being “taken for a ride” any more than other people do!

Clean, Well-Maintained and Ready to Roll

Our consignments go through a rigorous appraisal process where we work with the seller to offer a used product in its absolute best possible condition. We take note of all upgrades done by the seller and suggest a few more to make the product an even better value. The RVs on our lot have been serviced and detailed and cleaned from top to bottom, assuring that you get a rig that’s ready to go where your heart takes you.

Why Buy from Us?

Besides our 40+ years in the business we can offer complete transparency and a straightforward, no tricks transaction. We have been here a long time because we treat both sellers and buyers with respect and integrity. We won’t do business any other way.

We also offer:

● No High-pressure Sales Pitches
● The Absolute Best price on Every RV We Sell
● Pre-Owned RVs from Top Manufacturers
● Individualized Product Selections to Fit Your Needs
● Personalized Customer Service and an Honest Transaction
● A Handshake to Seal a Long-Term Relationship with Our Clients Based on Excellence

Ready to take your first test drive?  Great!  We’re here to start the buying journey with you.  Welcome to Easy Escapes RV.  Your travel dreams begin here.

Contact us today and let’s get your dreams rolling! 863-450-4915