The Easy Escapes Guide: Compare RV Types

So you’ve made the decision to buy an RV.  Congratulations!  Once you’re standing on the sales lot though, you might be scratching your head wondering which one is best suited for your needs.

At Easy Escapes RV we help guide you through that during the buying process but here’s a little info on the various types of RV to get you started.

Class A RV Consignment

Class A RV

These are some of the largest, most spacious motorhomes on the market, the kind celebrities use when they tour. These lovely touring coaches are usually packed with every amenity available, and some might have upgrades put in by the previous owner making it even more luxurious. If you’re ready to take the band on tour or just pack up your 5 kids and travel to the Grand Canyon this is a great choice.

Class A vehicles are built tough on a very heavy-duty framing structure. Only the most solid chassis are used; typically a truck chassis. The wheels are large measuring 22.5 inches to support the large frame. This vehicle gets about 8-10 mpg, the least efficient of the RV classes, but is still widely popular for its comfort, size and pleasant traveling experience.

The interior is roomy with loads of storage space for all the extras you need traveling with kids or for all your hobby and sports equipment. Class A motorhomes sleep 2 to 4 people.

Simply put, if luxury and an interior that most resembles a house is what you’re looking for, the Class A full size recreational vehicle is for you.

Class B RV Consignment

Class B RV

Commonly known as the camper van, the Class B offers similar features to the Class A in a smaller package. This is a great choice for a couple seeking adventure or a family with one child, taking shorter road trips 2 or 3 weeks at a time.

Some might mistake the Class B for just a great big van, but its looks are a bit deceiving. Inside, the RV is tall enough to stand up in. However, the kitchen, living room and toilet are smaller than the Class A and there is less storage space. The toilet and shower cabinet are combined in this RV for efficiency.

Class B’s are easy to drive, park and maneuver. They are also very fuel efficient so if your budget isn’t large this is a great option.

Class C RV Consignment

Class C RV

This RV is the in-between size and the most popular one for rentals. They are fairly easy to drive for an RV novice and generally range in size from 22 to 31 feet in length. The Class C is great for a long weekend trip or those that last a couple of months.

These RVs are easily recognizable on the road with the sleeping cabin stretching over the cab of the vehicle hauling it. By configuring the RV this way, it gives more room to the rest of the interior living space. You might be surprised to learn that 4 to 8 people can live and travel in a Class C comfortably, making it a great family trip option. This RV class is also capable of towing vehicles, giving you the freedom to park the rig and take your car on shorter day trips at your destination. The fuel efficiency of the Class C falls predictably in between the two other classes.

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