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You may be admiring your used but still glossy RV wondering what it’s really worth to potential buyers. Sure, it’s only a few years old and its appeal remains off the charts. The interior is sleek and clean and you’ve even added some upgrades yourself. However, many factors can determine what it’s really worth and some of those factors are out of an RV owner’s control.

As you contemplate how to sell your RV you need to be aware of these factors. Those who don’t end up with faded sale signs in their RV windows.

Hot Market Doesn’t Mean Hot Price

As Florida homeowners are painfully learning, markets get hot sometimes for invalid reasons. Real estate agents vying for listings can be overzealous in their attempt to make a potential client happy and secure the listing. They may agree to an unrealistic price or be wildly out of bounds with their marketing to keep said client happy. This creates unrealistic expectations for the homeowner who often must drop the asking price like a hot rock a week later.

Buyers Are “Savvier” Now

With everything you ever wanted to know readily available on the internet, your RV asking price will be researched by potential buyers. All it takes is 5 minutes on Google to get a mountain of information. It may not be deciphered correctly or realistic but the buyer will think it is, and in some cases they will be right. This situation can be uncomfortable for RV sellers and cause avoidable awkward transactions.

No One Considers Depreciation

People fall in love with a gorgeous RV and dream of all the places they can go. They write the check and go, they do. After a few years their situation changes and they want out. What they didn’t do between dreaming of a Grand Canyon vacation and handing over the check was consider what their sexy vehicle will really be worth after those few short years. On average an RV can depreciate 25-40% in 3 to 5 years.

The Right Price Is Worth Thousands

Correctly appraising and pricing could mean thousands of extra dollars for you just as the wrong price can cost you thousands. If you price too low, you’ll walk away with less in your pocket than you could have, and no one wants that. If you price too high your RV risks becoming stale inventory just taking up space on the lot.

We Know RV Sales

The solution to all these factors is a proper RV appraisal by the consignment specialists at Easy Escapes RV. We’re the RV consignment dealer with over forty years of experience giving you a free valuation. Not only is it free but our appraisal service is honest, ethical and straightforward.  Our consignment program is based on a realistic and fair agreement backed up by stellar customer service.

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