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When you decide to sell your RV there are things to do. You must prepare your RV to be sold and no lie; there’s a little prep work with that. But it’s easy prep. RV owners and consignment companies work in tandem to prepare your vehicle for sale. Together we can get top dollar for your RV by taking some easy first steps.

Timing Isn’t Important

You shouldn’t overthink this one. The best time to sell your RV is the day you decide to sell it. You’ve already come to the conclusion you’re done using it so no need to delay for a certain time of year. Prospective buyers who likewise have decided to buy don’t wait for a certain time of year either. They just start looking immediately and we want to list your RV quickly for that reason. Getting the best price for your RV takes a lot of skill and experience and the calendar doesn’t affect that.

Appraisal Is Everything

Finding out what your RV is worth is key. In order to establish its fair market value or increase its value we do a thorough, professional and free appraisal of your RV. If you can’t bring it to us and live in central Florida we’ll even come to you. We look at the condition of the unit, the mileage, any upgrades you’ve made and any repairs that should be tended to as well. If some small and very affordable upgrades will mandate a better selling price we will suggest them. Basically the more information about your RV you can give us the more we have to work with to make it attractive to buyers.

System Check and Detailing

Be honest; if you were buying an RV you’d feel a lot more confident signing on the dotted line if you knew the owner had done a full system check very recently. Anyone would. Potential buyers need to feel confident about the RV they’re buying and this will take them a long way toward that. Detailing your RV is also important to make sure your RV is looking its absolute best when we roll it onto our lot. Careful staging of your RV will also increase interest and net a better price. Buyers like to see a comfortable and useful environment to picture themselves behind the wheel. Get more specific staging tips by reading “How to Stage Your RV for Sale.”

Mechanical and Operational

Take this time to have any repairs or mechanical work done on the engine or operational systems that you’ve been putting off. Nothing kills a sale faster than stalling on the road during a test drive. It’s extremely important that your RV be running smoothly prior to marketing it.

Throwing Bait in the Water

You may have considered selling your RV by yourself. Getting the word out in all the right places where buyers are looking is vital. Researching to determine the best offline and online places for advertising and marketing takes a lot of time and research but it’s also the fastest way to get your RV sold. If you are too busy or don’t really have marketing skills, the best decision is consigning your RV with a professional.

Knowing the Difference between a Buyer and a Tire Kicker

Qualifying buyers is very, very important. This helps you know who to spend valuable time interacting with and who to be cordial with and move on. Some people walking the lot have buyer written all over them, others it’s harder to tell. Some say they are just looking around and experience will tell you if it’s really true or they’re actually potential buyers wanting some space. These are the buyers that can be strategically guided to the perfect RV for them after just a few qualifying questions the professionals know to ask.

Will You Work with Trade-Ins?

This is one of the best reasons to work with a consignment company. Why? Many people will be looking to trade-in an older model for a newer one. If you’re selling your RV privately you won’t be able to entertain that option but you could be part of a great transaction if you are working with a consignment company.

Financing the Dream

Up to 70% of RV buyers finance their purchase with approved lenders. We will work with the potential buyer of your RV to explore all available financing options with them. Once the best option is chosen we secure a down payment and credit check to get the financing approved quickly and a check in your hand.

We Do the Paperwork

This isn’t always just title and registration. Sometimes it also includes service records (always good to have on hand anyway) and any current warranties. The process of transferring title and registering it with the new owner is something we do for you. Just one more thing you don’t have to worry about when selling on consignment.

When Preparing Your RV for Consignment: Attention to Detail is Key

We know RVs because we’ve been consigning them and selling them for over 40 years. We know every nook and cranny of your travel trailer, Class A, Class B or toy hauler. From the appraisal to signed contract we advise and assist in prepping your rig to look its best. Then we unleash our marketing and sales force to match your RV with the perfect buyer who will ride away happy. Some call that extraordinary customer service. We just call it being honest professionals.

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