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Honesty without the sugar coating. Results without the spin.  Welcome to Easy Escapes RV, the Premiere Choice for RV Consignment in Central Florida.

Central Florida RV Consignment

“Where Do I Go To Sell My RV?”

Great question. Have you been asking yourself this, too? So many RV owners fret when the day arrives to sell their beloved home on wheels. They worry  about the valuing. They worry about the time it will take and even where it will be parked during the process. All this stress is needless when you contract with Easy Escapes RV.

We Know Your Concerns Before You Tell Us

When you’re ready to get your RV sold there’s only one call you need to make. We have perfected our craft and know our stuff. You don’t need to tell us your concerns because we’ve already solved them many times over as we gained decades of experience in this specialized business. Whether it be the appraisal, the contracting process or the final sale details you can be sure you’re working with the best in the business.

We Do RV Consignment Sales Differently

We know you’re looking for tangible results, not a dog-and-pony show with some pretty sweet pitches but no sale. We’ll tell you up front if our program isn’t right for you and beyond that we’ll redirect you to someone who can assist you in your specific situation. It’s rare that we aren’t the right fit but it does happen and we don’t leave you hanging. We go the next mile with you and get you to the right match for you.  Read more <here>

Pre-Owned is Our Super Power

Our RV consignment program is based solely on pre-owned RVs, whether it’s a toy hauler, travel trailer fifth wheel or a massive palace on wheels we know how to get it sold to the potential buyers it’s meant for. Other companies have new inventory and sales quotas for employees to move the new product. This means your RV consignment is not the belle of the ball when it should be. We don’t mix new and used inventory and we don’t use high pressure tactics. We just get your RV sold.

We’re Like Match.com For RVs

We take the time to connect with both RV sellers and RV buyers and make the perfect connections for everyone. It’s no small thing to know the perfect solution for both parties and even harder to match the right buyer with the perfect seller’s RV.  We care about this part of the process and are dedicated to it like no other consignment business in the industry. Sellers walk away with the cash in hand they need and buyers get the RV they’ve been dreaming about. That’s just who we are.

We Sweat the Details So You Don’t Have To

Lakeland RV Consignment Company - Easy Escapes RV Consignment!The sales are in the details and they’re not insignificant. We come to you to inspect and appraise your RV and we turn every stone finding each attractive detail no matter how small that will appeal to a buyer. You might not even know they’re there; but we will. We’ll also tell you if some minor changes can put more cash in your hand. Why waste any opportunity? The appraisal process won’t be difficult or painful when you call Easy Escapes RV. We’re on your side.

Why You Can Trust Us With Your Baby

Beyond our 40 years of experience in recreational vehicle sales we know what kind of thing might keep you up at night. After all, we own stuff, too. But there’s no need to worry when your RV is consigned with us. We’ve thought of everything. Your RV will be on a paved, secure lot with 24-hour “Live RV Cam” access. Check in on your RV in the middle of the night if you like just be reassure yourself.

Amenities Others Didn’t Think Of

We have a shuttle service for your comfort and convenience, so no problem getting a ride to or from our lot if your RV is also your only transportation. We handle all the phone calls, the matchmaking, the marketing; basically all the bothersome things that have to do with selling a large piece of property. You can literally just hand us the keys and watch us go to work.

An RV Buyer’s Delight

Eager RV buyers: we didn’t forget you. Just because we are a seller’s best friend doesn’t mean we’re not on your side, too. We are here to make all parties happy with the best purchase and the best sale possible. We’ll offer test drives in RVs with your most desired features after reviewing our inventory for exactly those. We work hard so you drive away happy and ready for new adventures.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

We have happy clients here in Florida but it doesn’t stop there. Customers from as far away as San Francisco consign with us because they know we operate with honesty, integrity and a straightforward approach. We take pride in our ethical business process because no one likes a hustler.

No Reason to Wait Any Longer

Now that you know us it’s all up to you. Pull out your phone and give us a call. We’ll come out to meet you and your RV and get the ball rolling. Our simple appraisal process, mindful sales method and straight-up honest relationship with both buyer and seller will have you wondering why you waited so long.

Easy Escapes RV Consignment

Call us today at (863) 450-4915 and leave the rest to us!