Selling Your RV on Consignment – FAQ’s

We know it’s a big decision to consign your RV for sale. You may have researched several consignment dealers before finding our website. Let us put you at ease and go beyond that; instill you with confidence that you’re in the right place.

Here’s our list of frequently asked questions:

What if my RV doesn’t sell?

This is mostly a rhetorical question, because at Easy Escapes we unleash every powerful action at our disposal to make sure your RV gets sold and fast. We give RV owners the best tips for tweaking the RV so it’s more attractive to buyers, we inspect it before putting it on our lot to make sure the RV is looking its absolute best, and we go above and beyond in our marketing, putting your RV in front of the potential buyers we know are looking for exactly your RV model, at exactly that selling price. However, if after 4 months your RV isn’t sold, you as the owner decide what your best course of action is at that point.

How long is the consignment period?

We consign an RV for a 4 month contract and waste no time getting to work. We immediately develop a marketing strategy specific to your model and selling price and make sure the right buyers see it. We invest our time and finances into getting your vehicle sold as quickly as possible.

What does it cost to consign my RV with Easy Escapes?

Zero. Let’s write that again: zero. When you consign with us we take on all the cost of appraising, storing on our paved lot with 24 hour security cam, marketing, sales force and any other documentation needed to get the sale done. Our man hours are devoted to making a successful transaction for all parties.

Can I try to sell my RV privately while it’s consigned with Easy Escapes?

In a word, no. we will have a signed, written agreement with you that is binding for 4 months. It gives us exclusive autonomy to actively promote your RV for sale. But remember this: we will have our entire workforce devoted to getting it sold. The point is to take the work and worry off your mind so you can go about your day not having to think about getting your RV sold. That’s our job.

Who cleans my RV and gets it ready for showing?

We lovingly prepare your RV for sale but it is the owner’s responsibility to clean it before it is handed over to us for final prepping. If any repairs are needed that is also the owner’s responsibility, as well as any suggested tweaks or upgrades we’ve told you about that could get you a better final sale price. The rule of thumb is to get your RV in top shape so we can get you the top price. You never know what will strike a potential buyer’s fancy when all the foot traffic goes walking past your RV so it should absolutely look its best.

If you are unable to clean your RV yourself we offer a wash and detailing service for $495.00. If your RV needs repairs and you can’t get them done on your own we are happy to facilitate the proper people for the work.

Do I still need to carry insurance on my RV while it’s under consignment with Easy Escapes?

Yes, and you wouldn’t want it any other way for your own protection. The consignee or owner is required to provide us a copy of valid insurance on your RV and to maintain that coverage during the dates of the 4 month consignment with Easy Escapes.

Our primary goal is to make this process as easy and transparent as possible for all parties as well as being upfront and forthright with all information during the process. This gives you the confidence to relax and let us get your RV sold.

RV consignment sale is what we’ve been excelling at for over 40 years.

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