Financing Your RV at Easy Escapes RV

We see it every day. A buyer finds their dream RV on our lot and a broad smile forms on their face, quickly followed by a look of concern. That’s when we know they’re considering how to pay for their dream. Well, let that smile stretch across your face again, because at Easy Escapes we’ve got you covered. Our financing options are second to none, making it easier than ever to buy an RV.

Almost All RV Purchases Are Financed

Let’s face it, very few people can walk onto an RV lot and plonk down a wad of cash that big. That’s why God invented financing. It’s the option of virtually all RV buyers, with very few exceptions. And since we’ve been in business for several decades, we know the ins and outs of all the ways we can make it happen for you.

How Does It Work?

Just like an auto loan, an RV can be and most times is financed. Because of the size of the typical loan amount, loan terms are generally longer. RV loans on brand new models can typically be up to 20 years at the going RV loan rate.

Used RVs Can Also Be Financed

People buy previously owned products all the time on credit; houses, cars, etc. A used RV is no different. However, the loan term is. On a used RV the loan term can be up to 12 years, whereas a new RV loan can stretch out to 20 years. The great news is these 12-year loans are quite affordable!

We Offer an Array of RV Financing Options

No matter what the interest rates might be, we can go over various rates and financing terms with you to find the best option for you and your budget. If you have a limited amount set aside for monthly payments we will work with you to make that happen so the RV of your dreams can be yours. Lenders like to see 10-20% down to give the best rates. The amount you can put down along with your credit history will play into how many options you’ll have as well.

We Welcome You and Your Lender

With credit monitoring software readily available now, more and more people are walking around with the confidence that only comes from a solid credit score. These people generally tend to have great relationships with their bank and lenders as well. If this is the case with you, fantastic! By bringing in a document from your bank with a pre-approved loan amount we can make things even smoother for you at our end.

Shop With Confidence on Our Lot

We welcome all to our lot. Come and find that RV you’ve been dreaming about. Whether it’s a travel trailer or Class A, we’ll work with you to make the financing options compatible with your lifestyle and budget.

Welcome to Easy Escapes RV!

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