difficult time local rv consignment

People use local RV consignment for many reasons. However, there are certain times when anyone could use the extra support in the form of a helping hand. Whether it’s due to an illness, the loss of a loved one, or a financial crisis, there may be days when we can’t think quite clearly or just plain feel overwhelmed.

When life changes “happen” and we need to accommodate, it’s a good idea to delegate time-consuming or emotional tasks to someone we trust. This is when it may be a good time to let a local RV consignment company help you sell your motorhome. We receive calls from RV owners across the state of Florida who would like help selling their travel trailers, Class B RVs, Class A RVs, and fifth wheels during these types of life changes.

  • Divorce or Break-Up
  • Family Illness
  • Financial Crisis
  • Loss of Family Member

The last thing most people want to do in any of the above situations is answer a flurry of phone calls, arrange showings, or deal with a title transfer. We’ve been through one or two of these situations ourselves, so we strive to sell pre-owned RVs and motorhomes as quickly as possible and with as much compassion as possible. Selling your RV is really no different than selling your home. You’ve probably made a lot of great memories in your RV — we understand that there is quite a bit of emotion that can come with it.

Because we have over 40 years of experience in RV sales and consignment, we are able to market, show, and sell your unit with confidence while you do what you need to do to take care of yourself and your family. If you’ve never worked with a local RV consignment company like Easy Escapes RV before, you can reach out to someone who has and ask for an unbiased opinion. We welcome reviews or testimonials on our social media channels and via email, so that potential consigners know what to expect.

If you know of someone that might be able to breathe easier by asking us to sell their Class B RV, Class A RV, travel trailer, or fifth wheel, let us know. Call Easy Escapes RV at (863) 450-4915 and let us know how we can help.