So many people are itching to try the RV lifestyle and here at Easy Escapes RV we get a lot of questions from people just starting out. Folks are making an investment and they want to get it right from the beginning. Here’s an example of the kind of query that comes our way often:

My husband and I are looking to purchase an RV for full time living. We are just 2 people but are looking to grow our family. My question is, what do we need to get started? I would like a newer RV but understand they can be expensive. Also, we are looking for the kind of RV which we could drive. What do we need to finance? Can we visit an RV place to get all the info we need?”

 To answer these questions let’s begin with the type of RV suitable for full time living. You’ll want to search for 5th wheels or used travel trailers for sale in Florida. Travel trailers and 5th wheels are the perfect size for full time living and roomy enough for two people to move around comfortably. They are also very maneuverable for a newbie to drive and park.

Now, about buying new vs. used: you’ll save lots of money buying used travel trailers and 5th wheels. Try Googling “used 5th wheels for sale under 20000” to start. Once you find a consignment RV dealership boasting great deals on a good RV you can stop by to look inside these rigs. Sit in the chairs and lie down on the beds; step into the bathroom and get a feel for that too. Remember, when you’re on a long road trip this will be your home base. Decide which type of RV you prefer.

Regarding an expanding family, both travel trailers and 5th wheels offer sleeping space for at least 4 adults and kids can of course double up if necessary. The main seating area has enough room for toys and meals as well as enough room for a small child to lie down. Floor plans in both RV models are very family friendly. As an added bonus the kitchen set up is quite adequate for cooking on the fly and you’ll be doing a lot of that to save money.

Here at Easy Escapes RV, we offer Polk County RV consignments at the best price for both buyer and seller. You’ll no doubt in your research run across ads for “central Florida used travel trailers for sale under 15000” that might be one of our good deals. Our specialty is used RV sales that are inspected, appraised, optimized and in good condition.

We also make buying an RV simple and easy. We take care of all the paperwork and documentation including calculating sales tax, registration and tags.

If you are a newbie looking for your very first full time RV, please contact us today. We’ll get you on the road in the perfect model for your RV dream life!