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If you’ve relished traveling around the country in your RV but your RVing days are now a thing of the past, you’re probably looking to sell it at the best price. But you aren’t interested in costly online ads and you aren’t keen on just putting a “for sale” sign on the windshield. Nor are you social media savvy like your grandkids. So how can you get it sold at the best price?

Many RV owners begin researching at this juncture “how to sell my RV myself online.” Some people take the first option that pops up in their search. But we suggest you continue to research until you are aware of all your options so you can choose the best one for your situation.

Where to List RVs for Sale

As with anything you wish to sell, you’re looking at the lowest cost option to get the word out and reach the best pool of potential buyers. You also want to best price for your rig. There are online places to put classified ads RV for sale that are low-cost that you should be aware of. These RV listing sites include:

  •       Facebook Marketplace
  •       Classified ads
  •       RV Trader

Some or all of these will charge a small fee to list your RV for sale by owner in Florida.

Classified ads “RV for sale” in traditional newspapers may seem like a good option for you if you aren’t internet savvy. If this is what you feel comfortable with then by all means do so. However, online options are where you will find the best pool of potential buyers. You also won’t be limited to just the local market. What you want is the largest pool of buyers actively seeking a rig like yours, no matter where they live. RVs for sale by owners in Florida get the best price when they are seen by hundreds or thousands of people and not just a few locals.

We believe we have your best option and it is right here, at no cost to you.

How to Sell My RV in Florida Online – Simply Start Here!

Easy Escapes RV has just launched a new service specifically for RV sellers in Florida. Get your free RV listing online right here with us! We know how hard it is to research online portals to sell and choose the right one.

There are so many and they take a fee. If you list your RV on more than one it can become a costly affair. We’re turning this difficult process into an easy one for you. Easy Escapes is all about making things “Easy!”

We have 40 years of experience buying and selling used RVs. We have the industry knowledge and sales experience to get RVs sold fat. Our industry reputation precedes us and buyers know they can trust us to be honest and fair. That’s why there’s no better place than right here to list your RV for sale FREE!

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