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If you have an RV you’d like to get rid of, you’re probably looking for the first place to say yes that has cash. Sometimes this can be a successful transaction for you; and sometimes not. Setting aside the fact that the buyer might not want to sign all the necessary documentation that protects the seller, selling to a private buyer is also the biggest amount of work.

Here are just a few of the necessary steps you must take to sell your RV privately:

  •       Getting an Appraisal
  •       Calculating Local Market Price
  •       Advertising & Marketing
  •       Meetings with Potential Buyers
  •       Documentation / Transfer of Licenses

All these things can eat up an entire summer if you let them. After a few weeks of meeting with buyers who aren’t serious or who really don’t have the ready cash they said they did, you’ll be stressed out about the time you’re wasting.

There is a better way that you may not have considered and it’s a godsend for sellers like you. It’s another kind of buyer; a purchasing resource with expert knowledge and a treasure trove of industry experience.

Who Buys RVs Near Me?

RV dealers sometimes purchase used RVs just to have options in their ready inventory. Why let a buyer walk off the lot if they don’t qualify for a large loan? If they have a less expensive used RV on their lot they are more likely to make a sale.

However, often, dealers will only take used RVs on consignment. And your used consigned RV is not their first priority as a new RV dealer. So it may sit on their lot for weeks when what you wanted was a quick sale. So consider this before you walk onto a lot and say “please buy my RV.”

RV consignment specialists are different, however. They take used RVs on consignment as well as purchase them outright. And there are many more reasons why an RV consignment business might be the best option for a quick sale.

Quick Sale Benefits of RV Consignment

  •       They can buy your RV for cash
  •       They can quickly assess the true market value of your RV
  •       They can see marketable features of your RV that a private buyer might overlook
  •       They have pools of ready buyers and your RV might be just what they’re looking for
  •       You save the time and hassle of selling it yourself

These are just a few of the benefits of selling to an RV consignment specialist near you.

Who Will Buy My RV in Florida?

Easy Escapes RV is located in central Florida and offers a free value assessment of your rig. Whether you have a fifth wheel, Class A, Class B RV, Class C, or another type of camper, we know the market inside and out. If we have buyers looking for an RV like yours, a quick sale for cash is a possibility.

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