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Standing in the driveway you look at your used travel trailer just sitting there, not having any fun. It’s covered in dirt and pollen. And each month you’re paying for insurance and upkeep; possibly even repairs. You begin to wonder about places to sell your travel trailer. You ask yourself questions like: “should I sell my travel trailer for cash,” and “where should I sell my travel trailer.” Well, keep reading because we have the answers.

Florida is without a doubt one of the best places to sell an RV. Central Florida, in particular, is the premier spot to showcase your used travel trailer for sale. If you are fortunate enough to live in central Florida and want to sell your camper, we have some tips you need to know.

Where Can I Sell My Used Travel Trailer?

Most people begin by simply putting a “For Sale” sign on the windshield of their RV. This may or may not work depending on where you live, how much traffic you get on your street, and so on.

The next step is usually putting the word out to friends and family and hoping someone out there is looking to buy a travel trailer. And even if you do get a few bites from this word-of-mouth method, it may not pan out.

They may not like your camper’s brand or style, or they may think it is too used or in need of updates. Then there are people who want a special price because they know your uncle, etc. It can be more complicated than you might think.

So you put your rig for sale on social media and other online RV sales outlets. This can get even dicier. Now you are dealing with complete strangers about a considerable amount of money. (Online scammers, anyone?) If you are used to selling cars or other goods online you stand a better chance of knowing when a person is genuine. But you still need to take proper precautions.

If this process sounds like too much work or it’s too risky, let’s move on to the next option, dealers.

Will a Dealer Buy My RV?

Some dealers may buy used RVs but there are a few caveats to this option, too. Dealers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their new inventory and selling that will always be their first priority. They may give you a half-decent amount for your travel trailer or they may offer to sell it on consignment. At this point, you may be waiting a very long time to see cash for your RV. Your best bet for quick cash is to find someone who buys RVs outright. Click here to find out why this may be your best bet.

Who Buys RVs Outright?

An RV consignment dealer is someone who specializes in buying and selling used RVs. They are very knowledgeable about the industry as a whole. They speak with owners of every brand, make and model, and know firsthand what features of each type of RV are important or not so important.

RV consignment pros also know what your RV is really worth. They are professional industry appraisers who will give you a realistic, fair amount of cash for your used rig and fast. No putting ads online, dealing with strangers, or paperwork hassle to deal with.

Where Can I Sell My Used Travel Trailer? An RV Consignment Agent

Now that we’ve established that selling your RV outright to an RV consignment professional is the absolute best way to get cash for your rig fast, here’s how to find one in your area.

1) Do a Google search for RV consignment in your area. Look at the online reviews. Read the BBB ratings and Angie’s List ratings. Narrow it down to a couple before calling them.

2) Get more information. Call the RV consignment dealer and ask them qualifying questions until you feel a good rapport. Then head out to meet them in person.

3) Ask for a free appraisal. Any RV consignment professional should be willing to give you an honest appraisal for your RV. But more importantly, they will tell you exactly why it is worth a certain amount as opposed to a blue book value. It could be your rig needs repairs, upgrades, or is showing wear in places that are important to potential buyers. It could also be dirty, one of the things buyers notice first.

4) Choose someone you feel comfortable with. After meeting the RV consignment dealer you will know more about their industry knowledge, experience, and integrity. Use your best judgment and trust the process.

Conclusion: An RV consignment pro is the best option to not only get quick cash and a fair market price for your used travel trailer or camper, but it is also more convenient and hassle-free.

Get More Information About Selling Your Travel Trailer for Cash

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