Are you sitting at home thinking to yourself, “I want to sell my RV trailer?” Well, you’re not alone. Many people are in a different financial situation now due to the effects of covid19. Some people are furloughed while still others have lost their jobs altogether. You have an asset that’s in high demand on the market just sitting in your driveway, and you want to liquidate it.

It’s probably going to take more than a “for sale” sign in your yard to attract potential buyers, especially if you’re looking for a quick sale. Current market conditions are playing to your advantage, however. You should be able to get an excellent RV price with some due diligence.

Here are some helpful tips to get your RV sold for top dollar:

“I want to sell my camper trailer.”

Apropos tip number 1. As the Boy Scouts say, Be Prepared! Start by making sure it is in good repair with all maintenance records and repair receipts at hand. Have a relative or a buddy who knows RVs or cars come and take a close look at your rig. They may find some things that are quickly and cheaply fixed that you didn’t see yourself.

“I want to sell my trailer!”

We hear you. Here’s tip number 2. Next, get your RV meticulously clean, like you’re going to perform surgery in there. Make sure the inside has no unpleasant or lingering odor. Make sure all the cabinets are sparkling clean with no gunk or bugs in there. If your RV has been sitting in the driveway, small critters may have made a home in it. If this is the case, take care of that.

“I want to sell my RV trailer.”

We’re here with tip number 3 to help you do just that. Check out current market conditions for your specific RV model. Compare the models and makes as well as the year they are manufactured. Spend some time on this part; it’s crucial. Go through your notes and make an objective estimate of your selling price. Ask someone in the industry or another RV owner what they think.

“How do I begin selling my travel trailer?”

We’re glad you asked. Here’s tip number 4. The most obvious place to begin is by parking it in an area near an RV park with a gigantic for sale sign on it. The next step is to tell everyone you know and let the word of your RV spread to interested people. Other popular methods are placing an ad online, in RV forums and online marketplaces. Lastly, don’t forget to take beautiful photos inside and out and post it on every social media platform you can.

“I want to sell my travel trailer, FAST!”

If you need a quick sale and don’t want the hassle of tips 1 through 4, call an RV consignment dealer today. They will not only give you a free and honest appraisal of what your RV is worth, but they’ll also handle all the details involved like taking photos, creating online listings, performing various marketing duties, and managing calls and emails from prospective buyers.

There are more advantages to using an expert in RV sales to sell your RV. They handle all the licensing and documentation before and after the sale. They also have a database of interested buyers who are actively looking for an RV just like yours. They attract the buyers, show them your RV, and the rest is easy peasy.

That was tip number 5 and in our opinion, the only one you need.

In conclusion: you can clean and repair your RV, do a lot of research, estimate its worth, place ads online and elsewhere, or you can let a consummate professional handle it all for you while you sit back and wait on a big payday. We know what we’d choose!

Happy selling!