An RV awning for your Class A, Class C, or Class B motorhome will help keep you and your family cool during the summer months by providing plenty of shade. Make sure your RV awning continues to work properly, and stays in good condition, by following these simple maintenance tips for summer.

  1. While your RV awning is extended, take the time to inspect all of the awning hardware. Check the lag screws in the awning brackets to be sure they are secure, inspect the arm pivot holes for broken rivets or enlarged holes, check the roller tube, inspect the awning end caps for secure mounting or any broken rivets, and check to be sure that the awning rail is securely mounted to your RV.
  1. Rinse or hose your awning off on a regular basis. Avoid scrubbing the awning fabric too hard since scrubbing can remove the water retardant finish. For stubborn stains, blot an approved cleaner on the awning fabric with a sponge. Remember never to use any abrasive or oil-based cleaners on your awning.
  1. Use Simple Green spray cleaner or something similar to remove any stubborn spots or stains. Also, be sure to clean the awning arm levers and slider mechanisms. Be sure to rinse the awning and all mechanisms thoroughly after using the cleaner.
  1. Lubricate your awning arm joints, track, and roller pivots using a silicone-based lubricant.
  1. Use a UV protectant, such as 303 Aerospace Protectant, that will help prevent your RV awning from fading or cracking. Be sure to cover the entire awning with protectant — you may want to use an RV washing brush wrapped with a chamois cloth in order to get all of the hard to reach places.
  1. When your RV awning is in use, lower one edge of the awning so that rain and debris doesn’t sit on top of it for long periods of time. This can cause staining and damage to your awning.
  1. Prevent RV awning damage from the wind by keeping your awning secured. There are products, such as the Camco Awning De-Flapper, that will help you secure the awning fabric in windy weather conditions.

Now that you have a few RV awning maintenance tips that will help keep you cool and shaded, you may want to read about some of the RV-friendly National Parks you can visit with your family this summer.