All motorhome, travel trailer and fifth wheel owners reach a point when they want to sell. They Google phrases like “sell my travel trailer near me” or “I want to sell my travel trailer.” However, thinking about it and actually doing it can prove trickier than they think.

If you’re wondering “how to sell my travel trailer fast,” we’ve put together the 3 most essential steps to finding the best selling price; reaching potential buyers and getting top dollar. As a person who’s never been in sales, it can be a bit daunting as you’re looking at your RV sitting in the driveway.

Well, Mr. “I want to sell my RV trailer,” it will take some effort but we’ve condensed the steps into the most important for selling any motor home.

I Want to Sell My Camper Trailer

 After you’ve finally reached this stage it’s time to put the effort in. Step #1 is to discover the best selling price. That can only be achieved by finding out realistically what your RV is worth. Notice we didn’t write “what you think it’s worth.”

RV prices swing with the marketplace. Supply and demand rules are always in effect but right now, it’s a seller’s market. There is very little inventory to be had and you can most likely get a great price.

However, keep it realistic! RVs lose value after the first year and more than you think. Then you must factor in the overall condition, mileage and how well it’s been maintained.

Research online marketplaces as well as your local area and write down the prices. Then average it out, factoring in your RV’s condition, make, year, etc. This should help you find the best possible selling price.

How to Prepare My Travel Trailer for Sale

 Before you put a “for sale” sign on your RV you must do a bit more work. Take an objective look at your rig and pretend you’re one of the prospective buyers. Do you see any cosmetic flaws? Are there glaring problems with any part of it, inside or out? It’s worth your time and energy to correct these things. This is Step #2.

Now, get out your cleaning supplies and scrub every inch of it inside and out. This will pay dividends. Make sure any stains or odors are taken care of.

Next, stage it like you would a house you were trying to sell. Put flowers in a vase in the main sitting area. Consider new curtains or blinds. Put glossy travel brochures on the table.

How to Sell My Travel Trailer for Cash

On to Step #3, attracting buyers. Putting a “for sale” sign on it is only the beginning. Making sure people who would be interested in an RV see it is also important.

Drive it to campgrounds, lakes, parks, and other areas where potential buyers hang out. You never know, you may just get a quick sale then and there.

Next, put your RV for sale in the trade magazines and other online marketplaces. People from all over the country will be able to see it and it’s free or very little cost to you.

Conclusion: The 3 ironclad steps to sell your travel trailer are assessing value; preparing for sale, and getting it in front of buyers. These are how you should be spending your valuable time to ensure a fast transaction.