As you drive around town you may see “For Sale” signs on recreation vehicles. They look shiny and inviting, glistening in the sun and you think maybe you could sell yours by just parking it in your driveway, too. But is this really the best way to go about it? It seems so easy, eh?

But with all things in life, reality is sometimes more harsh than what we envision in our pretty little heads. Questions like “what’s my RV worth to sell?” are the most common. The answer is it depends on how much it is worth to someone looking for one just like yours.

There are many options other than just parking it in your driveway and hoping for the best and those options may make your bank account fatter as well. Prices vary and so do market conditions, which is why we have outlined the many different options available for you in this guide.

Maybe a motor home is easier to sell privately; or it might be better to opt for a consignment sale. You might be able to sell your travel trailer online, but is it the best option for your motor coach?

Each situation is different and that can vary depending on your geographical location, local resources available to you as well as current market demand. RV consignments in central Florida for example are available, but they may not be in central Missouri.

The same goes for someone selling online when they live in Anchorage. It may not be the best option. Knowing what all your options for sale are is the first important step and can be helpful whether you buy or sell an RV.

 Is Selling Privately the Best Way to Sell an RV?

If you plan on selling it yourself concentrate your efforts instead of using a shotgun approach. Focusing your marketing efforts is the key to selling your RV. Just Look and the best real estate people.

They put all their efforts into developing their target niche. They’ve figured out that in order to sell something it has to be seen more often by people that are uniquely positioned to buy their particular niche.

You need to follow their example to up your chances of selling your type of vehicle. The days when you could place an ad in your local paper are for the most part gone. The advent of the internet combined with the willingness of RV shoppers to travel to purchase their dream RV makes competition fierce.

So What’s the Best Way to Sell My RV?

Ok, you looked up the asking prices for similar RVs on some of the internet sites and now you’re ready to put it up for sale. How do you go about finding the best held secrets to selling? Surprise, it’s honesty.

Are you presenting your RV as it truly is today or using older pictures from when it was brand new? Misrepresenting the actual condition of your RV is a common practice and one shoppers complain about. Do you have service records to substantiate its condition?

Are you honest with yourself about what it’s really worth? This conundrum is what leads many buyers to choose someone with expertise in RV consignment sales. They are knowledgeable about local selling prices; have ready pricing guides and many times offer free appraisals to find the most realistic sale price. For some it just takes the guesswork out of the entire process so they don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Tell Me How to Sell My RV Quickly!

Referrals and a ready list of buyers is the best place to start. If you don’t have a supply of either then start the process by determining how involved you want to be in the sale. RVs are not cheap and for most people it’s a big decision on what to buy.

Most advertising works well for branding a dealership and drawing eyeballs to a dealer’s website but it can be very difficult for an individual seller to do the same since the dealers are emailing everyone in the country that has a similar RV to yours. Network, visit RV meetups to connect with potential buyers or join online forums to spread the word faster. The key is to spread the word to prospective buyers anytime, anywhere.

The short answer to “How to Sell My RV Fast” is being realistic with what your RV is worth. RVs are luxury items and depreciation is considerable. Getting stuck on trying to sell your RV for what you owe is not realistic. Typically your RV is not worth what you owe because of several factors.

Unless you were able to put a larger deposit down than average (10% to 20 %,) what your RV is worth has depreciated to where its value in the marketplace is lower than what you owe. So, having it sit somewhere in storage if it is not being used is only making things worse. Decide if you want to keep using it and be honest with yourself. If you don’t then put it up for sale at a fair price.

Where’s the Best Place to Sell My RV?

Research what demand is for your particular type of RV where you live. Is the demand for what you have higher than the supply in your area? That’s great for your selling price. Some states like Florida for instance are known for having a population of over 55+ Boomers which make up the largest segment of RV buyers.

Weather can be another factor when determining the best place to sell your RV. The primary selling season for most States is summer. States like Florida, Arizona and California are fortunate in that RVs sell to the local population and also to the millions of snowbirds devoted to the RV lifestyle.

RV shoppers are more than willing to travel to complete their purchase. Some even fly to locations that offer a greater selection of RVs. Everyone buying an RV is looking for two basic things: a variety of RVs to choose from and an RV in the best condition for the money they have available.

Tell Me How to Sell My RV Online.

It’s easy enough for the average RV owner to put an RV listing on the internet. (Here’s where consignment RV services are extremely helpful.) But if you decide to do this task alone and make your own online listing where do you begin? It’s a lot more involved than you think getting the word out online.

Social media marketing of your listing is absolutely essential and very time-consuming. Do you have the hours available to do it properly? The devil, as they say, lies in the details and advertising online is a tradeoff. You get a wider audience for your marketing but it’s a major time commitment.

What’s the Best Site to Sell My RV?

RVT or RV Trader is a popular site. Check out other listings in your area and see what you can do to make yours stand out from the crowd. It’s also a good idea to check out other listings of your specific vehicle in other areas for great product descriptions.

Add a personal touch to the ad to create a connection with the reader. This is the online equivalent to a seller getting a foot in the door and a buyer’s ear.

We hope this Q&A has answered the most pressing questions of RV owners looking to sell. If you decide to consign your RV and leave the hard part up to us, we not only applaud your decision we invite you to contact us ASAP and get things rolling. As an RV owner, you’re used to that!

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