Over the past two years of the pandemic, new RV sales have experienced a profitable renaissance. With the opportunity to work remotely, thousands of people decided to hit the road in an RV and work from anywhere. Now, with a couple of years of RVing under their belts, these same RV buyers are looking to sell as they return to the workplace.

This has certain effects on the RV market. One, RV dealers will experience a drop-off in sales as demand for new RVs wanes. Secondly, most of the people who took to the road during Covid-19 will put their travel trailers up for sale. This will eventually mean a glut of used travel trailers for sale and prices will eventually go down.

So, if you’re planning to sell your travel trailer the time is now. If you wait too long, you won’t get the best price for your used rig. Instead of trying to sell your travel trailer privately, we strongly recommend selling it through an RV consignment specialist. Here’s why:

  • Insider market data
  • Professional appraisals
  • Tips on repairs and upgrades to maximize market value
  • Meticulous cleaning services
  • Sale lot to park your rig
  • Marketing savvy
  • Ready list of RV buyers

When the market glut arrives and it will, these professionals with the right expertise in used travel trailers can help you get the best deal at closing. Very soon selling a travel trailer on consignment in Florida will become your best option.

Camper Consignment Sales in Florida

Travel trailer consignment sales have experienced a boom in the past two years and we predict that this will continue. Sellers who attempt to unload their travel trailer during a glut will become frustrated with just how little RV buyers will be willing to pay. A consignment specialist knows how to increase the value of your travel trailer to a buyer. They know what matters and what doesn’t, and where you should spend a little money doing upgrades to get the best price.

RV buyers research the market like anyone else before plunking down several thousand dollars for an RV. They will know roughly what your used RV is worth. These same buyers will want a much lower price than your RV is truly worth. An RV consignment agent has decades of experience. They know how to increase the value of your RV in the eyes of a potential buyer and get the closing price you’re looking for.

How to Sell My RV on Consignment

Like everything in life, there’s a trick to this as well. Here are some tips before you begin:

–                     Research local RV consignment dealers. Read their referrals and online reviews. Check their BBB rating and read about the company.

–                     Visit RV consignment agents. See their RV sales lots. Speak with their salespeople. Find one you feel comfortable with.

–                     Have them explain their sales procedure. Learn the entire process before you sign anything.

–                     Ask questions. Learn as much as you can about how to best present your RV and what repairs or upgrades you might need to get the best price.

–                     Sign the contract only if you have been told every detail regarding time frame, commission percentage, etc.

Ready to Sell Your RV on Consignment?

Great! Contact us today. We’re Easy Escapes RV Consignment Sales Auburndale Florida. We have decades of experience, industry savvy, sales and marketing expertise, and integrity. We’ll be upfront and honest with you throughout the process so there are no surprises.

With over forty years of RV sales experience, we know every brand, model, and type of RV available. We also know exactly what buyers of each model are looking for and what they don’t care as much about. We’ll give you an honest market appraisal of your travel trailer and advise you on which repairs and upgrades will boost the final sale price.

We also offer an RV cleaning service so your RV presents at its best. Finally, our sales lot is safe and secure with 24-hour camera security. Our pool of ready buyers will be at your disposal as will our marketing department.

Learn More About Easy Escapes RV Consignment Sales

We’re ready to be the partner you need to sell your travel trailer fast and for top dollar. No one will work harder to get you the best market price! Contact us today for more information about RV consignment or to schedule a preliminary appraisal of your RV.