RV Consignment in Florida

Florida RV consignment is a good option when the when you don’t have an excess of free time or a thorough understanding of how the Florida RV sales process works. For example, if you still owe money on your RV, there is a lien holder. When a lien holder is involved, there are a number of Florida Department of Motor Vehicle rules and regulations that have to be followed. In this situation, it’s wise to consider enlisting the help of someone who knows how to professionally handle RV consignment in Florida.

Florida RV Consignment Considerations

  • What is the best manner to market and advertise your RV?
  • How much is your RV is actually worth?
  • Are any repairs required in order to get your RV in the proper condition to sell?
  • How much will repairs cost and will they be paid for up front or after the sale?

Why Consignment Makes Sense

A sensible step to selling your RV is to put it on consignment at your local Florida RV dealership. Selling your RV on consignment means that the RV dealership will attempt to sell your RV just as they would their own used RV inventory for a price that you both agree on. The RV dealer will advertise your motorhome, show it to potential buyers, assist with financing if needed, and take care of all the required paperwork after the sale.

Before Consigning Your RV

  • Take everything out of your RV before taking it to the dealership to be sold.
  • Clean your RV, drain the water system, empty and flush the holding tanks, and winterize the RV if necessary (if you want the RV dealer to handle these tasks for you, make sure that you agree on a price up front).
  • If you have extras that go along with your RV, such as an RV cover or awnings, ask the dealer to list the items for potential buyers to see, but don’t leave the extra items in the RV while it’s on the lot.
  • Ask the dealer if they use a protective covering on the carpet or floor to prevent dirt from foot traffic.
  • Will the RV be secured when the dealership is closed?
  • Will the RV dealer keep both the interior and exterior clean while it is on the lot?
  • Ask if the RV dealer conducts a post-delivery inspection when the unit sells?
  • Do they start and run the RV on a regular basis?
  • Can potential buyers test-drive the unit?
  • If the dealer receives an offer on the RV that is below the agreed upon price will they notify you so that you can consider it?

Florida RV Consignment Tips

You can further motivate your RV salesperson by offering them a sales incentive above and beyond their regular commission. Talk to the RV sales manager to see if this is something that can be arranged. Just remember to handle the tasks you are responsible for, and then let the dealership do what they do best.

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