Class B RV Fishing

Class B RVs are often referred to as van campers or van motorhomes because they drive with the ease of a van while still offering the conveniences of having a small home on the road. A Class B RV may not be the right fit for everyone, they do make good sense for couples, for shorter trips, or for those who prefer to travel light. Fuel economy, drivability, and the incentive to spend more time outdoors are just a few benefits that come with owning a Class B RV. Read below for best class b rv benefits.

Benefits Of Class B RVs

  • One of the best benefits of owning a Class B RV or motorhome is that it’s one of the easiest types of RVs to drive and park. In a Class B RV, you can go anywhere that a standard car, truck, or SUV can go. Since most Class B RVs are in the 16 to 22-foot range, space may be a little tight, but Class B RVs are among the most versatile.
  • Class B RVs tend to have better fuel economy due to RV size.
  • Bathroom, sleeping, dining and kitchen facilities as well as storage areas are all standard in Class B RVs or motorhomes.
  • Standing room is achieved through the use of a raised roof and incorporation of dropped floors in the RV design.
  • You will tend to spend more time outdoors when on trips since there is less space indoors.
  • When you aren’t traveling, you can use your Class B RV as a secondary vehicle.
  • Narrow roads and smaller camping spots aren’t a problem. A Class B RV can be parked in a standard parking space that accommodates a van.
  • You won’t have to worry about paying to store your RV at a storage facility. A Class B RV can fit right in your driveway.

Once you consider these benefits, it’s best to talk to a professional RV dealer or consignment company about the features of specific Class B RV models to make sure a Class B RV is the right choice for you. Easy Escapes RV is a professional RV dealer and consignment company in Naples, Florida that can be reached at (863) 450-4915.