Sure, it can be a challenge to find the time to research fun RV activities that will bring on big smiles at the RV park or campground. You are probably busy enough planning your trip without having to add another task to your preparation list. Although, you may want to check out these great ideas that will save you from scouring the internet for hours, or prevent you from having to switch over into camp counselor mode every time you get to your destination.

Fun RV Activities

  1. Play astronomer for a night. Can you identify and name eight of the major constellations? If you have a portable telescope, bring it along when you go RVing. Many of our state and national parks are located in remote areas that are ideal for star-gazing due to the absence of light pollution from large cities. This creates the perfect opportunity for you to watch how the night sky changes from hour to hour. Besides, a little fresh air before bedtime can help the kids sleep better when you decide to turn in for the evening.
  1. Plan a family treasure hunt as one of your fun RV activities. Kids of all ages will love searching for campground treasures. Think of it as an RV park version of Pokémon Go, but instead of hunting for fictional characters, you look for real treasures. Just plant little dime-store jewels and treasures around the park or your RV campsite. Then draw up a map with directions.
  1. Create works of natural art. Gather up sticks, pebbles, seashells, beach glass, and other natural objects while on a hike. Cut a piece of cardboard into squares or rectangles, and cut out a display area (3″ x 5″ and 4″ x 6″ are standard photo sizes) using an X-Acto knife. Paint the cardboard and secure your natural treasures to the frame’s face with tacky glue. Pop in a photo, and add a cardboard back for support.
  1. Dance in the rain. A few gentle showers don’t have to put a damper on your fun while RVing. Turn frowns upside down by bringing out a few pairs of colorful rain boots and a waterproof radio. It’s a great way to teach kids (and adults) that you can make the most of any situation. Just be sure to monitor the weather conditions and head inside if there is any chance of storms or lighting.
  1. Go on a geocaching adventure. Geocaches are hidden packages that are mapped for people to find. Inside these packages are useful objects or trinkets that people have left behind, often with a book you can sign to say you’ve been there. In most cases, you are free to take something from the cache and replace it with something new for someone else. Head to a major geocaching site or get a geocaching application for your smartphone to find out where the nearest caches are.
  1. Play glow in the dark outdoor bowling. Put multi-colored glow-sticks inside of water bottles to make bowling pins you can use at night. Use a soccer ball or basketball as your bowling ball.
  1. Catch a fish. There are freshwater lakes, ponds, and rivers across the country. Chances are good that it won’t be difficult to find a good fishing spot while RVing. Use’s places to fish and boat map to locate a fishing hole closest to your RV camping spot. All you need to get started is a fishing license, a basic rod and reel combo, hooks, and some bait.
  1. Bring along an instrument. Music isn’t merely for entertainment; it has many benefits. Music has the ability to bring families together and turn an average occasion into one that is full of joy. There are varieties of instruments you can play while RVing. Bring along a guitar, bongos, fiddle, or harmonica. If you plan to go RVing with other families, encourage them to bring along an instrument as well. You can all play together!

What have you done that has made your RVing or camping experience more fun? Share your photos and ideas for other RV activities with us on the Easy Escapes RV Facebook Page.