If you’re at home surfing the web for your coming RV consignment purchase click on this rare beauty immediately! Not only is this model one of the rarest to become available but it is in amazing condition, ready to take you on epic adventures.


The Keystone Vantage model is similar to the Airstream models in appearance without the huge price tag. It has modern conveniences and thoughtful design for successful road tripping. When it comes to motor homes the Vantage is comfortable, roomy and attractive. It’s a wonderful model if you’re buying an RV for the first time and a fast track to the amazing RV lifestyle you’re longing for.


The main reasons you need to see this particular Keystone Vantage are many:


  • Silhouette. The Vantage is modern yet retro-cool; aerodynamic yet holds plenty of space to spread out. Like various other recreational vehicles that have expanding side areas Vantage has that feature too. Once you are parked for the night you can choose to add extra room, or not. It’s up to you and that’s a nice option to have.


  • Quality and Durability. The Keystone Vantage is nothing less than state-of-the-art in both design and construction. The curved aluminum frame adds a whopping 6 inches to the exterior width while the arched ceiling results in a full 6 feet 6 inches of head room. All of this adds up to a roomy and relaxing ride.


  • Open Floor Plan. As you can see in the photos the floor plan is such that you won’t be bumping into each other every time you pass. The main living space is a completely open design allowing for cooking, TV watching and passengers walking through to the bathroom without anyone having to move out of the way. This also makes it a great model for families.


  • Cozy, Not Cramped. Both the sleeping areas and bathroom area are spacious enough to not feel boxed in. For first time buyers who don’t know how important this is; trust us. It’s important after you’ve been on the road awhile. That extra space will give you the elbow room you need to keep adventuring happily.


  • More than Adequate Essentials. With 3 separate water tanks for clean, grey and black water you won’t be worrying about that absolute essential while traveling. The LED lighting throughout the cabin is reassuring for those wondering if one small battery can handle it. It absolutely can!


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