Are you on a quest to travel all 50 states before you die? One great way to bang out 49 of them is traveling the US in an RV.

Let’s say you’re no noobie when it comes to traveling the United States in an RV but you’d like to tighten up your travel game a bit; save money and really “live on the road.” Your dream is to hit the road starting with Route 66, whizz past Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon on your way to another national park on everyone’s list, Yellowstone. All that travel can be exhausting in a large RV if you don’t plan properly.

One way to do it more sporty and economically is to embrace van life. Traveling the US in a camper van is the most efficient type of RV life. Whether you want to exchange your travel trailer for a Class B van or prefer renting an RV, you can live in a van just as well as the larger RV model. It just takes a bit of planning.

This article will not only tell you how to travel in a camper van for the most wins, it will outline what those wins are for your next RV trip.

1 – Packing becomes quick duty. There won’t be hours of preparing masses of luggage, food stores or other whimsies when traveling the country in a camper. There’s only so much room and it’s down to what you really need to have: a little clothing, a little food until your next stop, water and batteries. Don’t worry. You’ll be having so much fun you won’t miss what you left behind.

2 – Up close and personal. Getting to know your travel partner won’t be an issue traveling in a camper van. Hours of close quarter conversation and sharing of absolutely everything will guarantee a renewed connection with your friend, partner or sibling.

3 – A new appreciation for everyday things. You will start to notice the small luxuries of daily life that you’ve been taking for granted. Water on tap at whatever temperature you desire is replaced with small bottles from a cooler, and that’s if you remember to buy ice. A hot shower is replaced with a daily “birdbath” unless you sacrifice the room in your van for a small shower space. A huge kitchen space for prep is replaced with a small collapsible table necessitating greater efficiency on your part.

4 – Smarter spending – Eating out frequently will be replaced with either takeout from local family joints (awesome) or sandwiches and microwave soup in your van. Noshing can be less expensive with fresh bakery bread, summer sausage and a nice gourmet cheese instead of a restaurant meal. You’ll economize on other things too like fuel while touring North America on van road trips.

5 – Travel autonomy – Otherwise known as freedom, the independence you have with a smaller travel rig can take you many places you normally wouldn’t be able to go: off-roading, halfway up a mountain or huddled under palm trees by the beach.

In conclusion, the benefits of traveling the US in a camper van are many including better budgets, relationships, packing as well as more personal freedom and appreciation for life in general. What are you waiting for? #Vanlife is out there waiting for you!