Ah, RV Life in Florida! There’s nothing more wonderful, right? That is until you blow a tire or a tree branch falls through your roof. Depending on how remotely you’re parked it could be a very long wait for a mobile RV repair service to reach you. So there you are needing an RV repair and maintenance service or roof repair.

At first, you don’t panic. You simply pull out your phone and begin Googling things like on-site mobile rv repair near me or mobile rv service polk county. Depending on how many results you get or if anyone even answers the phone, you could be stuck with your flat tire or wet from your roof leak for quite a while.

RVs aren’t like regular vehicles. They basically have an apartment attached to them and those things also get damaged or break down. An RV repair shop is a no-brainer but what about when you can’t bring your RV in for repair? That’s when you need a mobile service that performs on-site repair.

Most RV maintenance professionals are proficient no matter which model you drive: travel trailers, 5th wheels, or Class B vans. Recreational vehicles are their trade and they have probably seen any problem you’re encountering during their years of experience making repairs.

There are 3 things that might trip you up during this process of mobile repair, however. We list them here and offer solutions:

1 – Expense. Needless to say, anyone who travels a long way to perform a repair service will present a bill reflecting the hassle. No one can blame them. If you are outside their regular service area it can also add to the cost. If mobile RV repair in central Florida is their territory and you happen to be kayaking on the west coast it will be expensive.

The solution is to call at least 3 and maybe 5 different mobile RV repair services. Try calling all over the surrounding areas until you get a rate you can live with. Never take the first and the best no matter how panicked you are.

2 – Parts. Due to the massive number of RVers that roll around the state every year, mobile service in Florida and RV repair shouldn’t be that difficult to find. The parts might be, though. Depending on your year, model and make the part you need might need to be special ordered or might not be manufactured at all anymore.

The solution is to bring hard to find and frequently replaced parts with you when you travel. When the repair professional shows up you’ll most likely have what he needs.

3 – On-Site Repairs Forbidden. – This can be a tough one. You have successfully located a mobile RV repair service, negotiated a rate and they’ve arrived to do the deed. That’s when someone from the campground shakes their head no at you. They won’t allow any repairs on-site.

The solution is to always be prepared! Plan your trip around locations that do allow repairs on-site. Call ahead to make sure or download park rules before you travel. This will save you an epic amount of stress if something does go wrong. You can also ask the repair person if they know a nearby location where the repairs can happen and go there.

Conclusion: RV travel is like any other road travel. Things will break down or get damaged. Prepare ahead of time by making sure you have an emergency repair fund. Source spare parts for your RV and take them with you. Be prepared by choosing your camp location carefully. By following these steps you’ll avoid hassle and have more time to enjoy your RV experience.