rv features

Make a list of your “must-have” RV features if you are thinking of buying a pre-owned RV. Once you have decided on whether a Class A, Class B or Class C RV is the right choice for you and your family, a list of the RV features you can and can’t live without will come in handy. If you are buying pre-owned, you may have to make a few concessions, but most professional dealers will work hard to help you find an RV with the features that best suit your needs.

Must-Have RV Features

  1. Shower Door. Having a shower door instead of a shower curtain in the bathroom will make your life much easier. Since RVs have small showers, you are pretty much guaranteed to have a soaking wet floor if all you have is a shower curtain. The door makes the difference!
  1. GPS Unit. No real explanation needed here. If you are on the road and visiting new places, this will prevent unintentional detours and countless arguments about directions.
  1. Back Up and Side Camera. Back up and side cameras are incredibly useful, especially if you are first-time RV owner who isn’t all that used to driving a large RV.
  1. Climate Control. On those hot summer days, you will want AC to make your RV comfortable. On cold nights, you just might want to turn on the heat. Even on most baseline RV feature packages, you will find heating and cooling.
  1. Countertop Extensions. Additional counter space is always useful. Look to see if the RV you’re interested in comes with countertop extensions.
  1. Adjustable and Removable Shelves. Adjustable shelves are a great feature to have if you plan to take RV trips of varying lengths. You may not always need to use all of the shelves, so you can remove them and use the space for other things if needed. Plus, they make for easy cleaning and repair.
  1. Linoleum, Vinyl, Or Laminated Wood Floors. Carpet never holds up well in heavy traffic areas. Besides, having an RV is all about spending time in the great outdoors. At some point you will track dirt, sand, or other debris into the RV. Linoleum, vinyl, or laminated wood will make clean up much easier.
  1. Big Windows and Skylights. Big windows offer larger, more sweeping views.
  1. Electric Fireplace. OK, so this may not be a “must-have” feature, but it sure is cozy on cool fall nights.
  1. Awning. An awning creates a welcoming atmosphere outside of your RV. This feature is important if you like to entertain outdoors and it comes in quite handy when it’s raining.
  1. Slide Outs. Want to make your RV larger with just the push of a button? With slide outs you can do exactly that. Once you are parked at your campsite, just extend your slide outs for more space inside.
  1. Generator. If you visit a primitive campground that doesn’t have electric hook-ups or if the electricity happens to go out, you have a back-up plan.
  1. Satellite Radio. Satellite radio is a nice feature to have when on the road. No more fussing with the radio dial every couple of hours as stations fade in and out of range.
  1. Heated Seats. When temperatures drop down in the cooler months of the year, heated seats are so nice to have. Even when the weather isn’t cool, they can be a bonus to have if your back tends to get sore.
  1. Dishwasher. Do you want to spend your RV trips in the kitchen washing dishes or enjoying your adventures? Enough said.

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