If you’re already used to RV travel, taking your habits across the pond to hit the road in Europe will be a bit of an adjustment, but not a difficult one. Class B vans are a common sight throughout the continent as they are a convenient and inexpensive way to visit many countries.

Living in an RV in Europe will also increase your dollar’s value against the Euro and everyone loves to save money. You will find the price tag of European hotels in some countries much higher than the most expensive U.S. states, thereby making the Class B motorhome an excellent choice for European travel.

Rent or Buy?

Buying an RV in Europe may prove too difficult a bureaucratic feat. Renting is popular with locals and there’s no reason you can’t do it too. Travel trailers and truck campers are a seldom sight but the Class B van conversion is very popular and will include some surprising features even for the most seasoned practitioners of the RV lifestyle. Not only is the Class B fuel efficient but meets the weight limits regulation by the EU.

What’s the European Class B Like?

Called a camper van or caravan, they look much like our Class B vans from the outside. Inside, however, you’ll find them quite stylish. The interior will most likely be a sleek, modern design in warm but neutral colors and very high quality. How they configure functionality will be a shocker. Most things will be dual-purpose and hidden away in cabinets, pockets or under seats. Apartments in Europe are notoriously small and ingenious, space-saving ideas designed for maximizing space at home has been carried over into the Class B design. Sinks that function as a cutting board and shelf; doors that swing from one “room” to another for privacy and tabletops that can move 360 degrees are just some examples. Be sure to check every nook and cranny. There’s extra storage everywhere as no inch of space is wasted.

What About Sleeping?

Expect the beds to be twin size and separate. This will be the most common layout in a European Class B. There’s a reason for this and again it’s multi-function. The beds can be combined into a bigger bed and you can raise the back of the bed to store things underneath.

Air Conditioning? Yeah, About That…..

Purchasing a bunch of travel fans might be a good idea. Air conditioning is not at all common in Europe even in homes so your RV is unlikely to have one either. There is a bright side, though. RV air conditioning units do exist for purchase. You just won’t find one already installed.

Here’s a Bright Spot

Solar upgrades on a Class B van or any other type of European caravan are common. The local full time RVers you’ll run into love to camp in a farmer’s field, by the side of the road or alongside a pond just as much as they love RV parks. They won’t find an electrical hook-up there which is why the solar panels are common. High end Class B vans are generally sold already pre-wired for solar panels.

RV Trips in Europe – Live the Dream!

If you’re already traveling full time there’s no reason you can’t RV your way around Europe and see all the beautiful sights on your bucket list. Get yourself a beautiful Class B conversion and hit the road in style.