Finding the value of your current RV is important before considering which venue you will sell it under: social media marketplace, word of mouth private party or an RV consignment dealer.

You want maximum dollar for your travel trailer and you’ve probably (hopefully) kept it well maintained and in good working order.

There are 5 important ways to find the value before you sell your RV. Each one is useful and the information is accessible for just about anyone with a computer and an internet connection. Be sure to search under all the various names for travel trailers like travel trailers, camper trailers, camper travel trailers and RV travel trailers. This will give you the most information for your time.

So, let’s go through the 5 sources of information to calculate the value of your used rig.

  1. Kelly Blue Book Is there a Kelley Blue Book for campers? You bet and it’s a great place to start. Just as auto industry dealers check the book for cars anyone evaluating the value of a used RV will look here.
  2. NADA Yes, there is a NADA for campers and travel trailers too. The National Automobile Dealers Association puts out a publication with market values for recreation vehicles and this must also be worked into your evaluations.
  3. Trader Websites Check out trader websites and publications like RV Trader or RVT to see what motor homes similar to yours are selling for. This is a very real market reflection of current value and an easy source for current pricing information.
  4. Depreciation Calculators Methods of depreciation are pretty much the same for RVs as they are for cars or trucks. Depreciation rates may vary by model so be sure to weigh that in. Make a depreciation schedule using declining balance depreciation and year depreciation to find your total depreciation.
  5. RV Market Conditions The strength of the economy, GDP and job market all affect your RV’s value like they would any other commodity. Currently the market has shifted to the buyer’s advantage so you need to figure that into your expectations of a buyer’s final purchase price.

In conclusion, the 5 sources you need to calculate the true value of your used travel trailer are: Kelley Blue Book, NADA, trader websites, depreciation calculation and current market conditions.

Before putting your travel trailer up for sale also consider that like a new car, an RV devalues about 25% as soon as you drive it off the dealer lot. Keeping up repairs and maintenance of both function and appearance will greatly assist you in getting top dollar when you sell.