The RV lifestyle has never been more popular. Baby Boomers and Millennials agree on few things but one thing they do agree on is “that RV life.” This has given a boost to the RV industry as a whole and especially to RV consignment dealers.

Used RVs purchased from consignment dealers are easier on the wallet; undergo pre-screening before they reach the dealer lot and all the paperwork is taken care of on your behalf. You show up with a check and drive off into the sunset in your new camper van.

Today, the most popular used RV is by far the Class B van. A small RV is a great place to start for RV beginners and the Class B RV checks these 6 important features buyers want right now:

  1. Size. RV sales are leaning toward small RVs right now. They are less expensive, easier to maneuver and park. Larger RVs like Class A can be a little intimidating for those who’ve never driven them and the Class B van or conversion vans seem doable to more potential buyers.
  2. Amenities. Even though they are smaller, the camper vans available today have many of the same amenities as their larger counterparts. Wi-Fi, TV, toilet, shower and workable kitchen make the Class B an amazing option for a comfortable RV lifestyle.
  3. Easy to drive. RV manufacturers knew what they were doing when they set out to design the Class B RV. Sturdily built on a wide frame, this rig is still as smooth as silk to drive. Any RV novice will find it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it.
  4. Park anywhere. We’ve all seen amazing photos online of the Class B van parked along a coastline, on the edge of a cliff or in a spectacular landscape. That’s because it’s small enough to traverse any road within reason and take you to those hidden vistas you so long to see.
  5. Great “starting out” RV. Inexperienced RVers love the great price point of a used Class B motorhome or camper van. With an average price point of between $20-30,000 this is the one most can afford without hardship. It will also hold its value well if conscientiously maintained.
  6. Practicality. Class B RV owners rave about the easy transition from camping life to camper van life. Floor plans of the Class B RV are well-thought out to maximize every inch of space for necessary everyday use. Built on solid chassis like the Mercedes Sprinter among others makes them extremely durable and long-lasting.

In conclusion, if you are looking to sell your Class B van, the 6 features that buyers love are its size, modern amenities, ease of handling, ability to park anywhere, great price point for a start out RV and the practical layout.

Consignment RV dealers are actively looking for used Class B RVs for sale. Buyers are clamoring for the incredible Class B van and TODAY is the perfect day to sell your RV!