So, all you RV owners out there wanting more room in your driveway, are you wondering how to go about selling it? There are of course the traditional ways like word of mouth, telling friends and relatives to get the word out or simply putting a For Sale sign on it as it sits in front of your house. There are also popular places like Craigslist or your local newspaper. You may miss many of the buyers out there by not diversifying your internet presence, though.

If you’re really serious about selling your RV the best places are industry specialized. Potential buyers look to these 7 places more than any other. To sell your travel trailers and fifth wheels, Class B RVs and camper vans, the following list will serve you better and waste less of your time.

  • is probably the most known website for used RV listings. You can search for a specific brand or model or peruse the listings in your state. As with all online services, there are hazards to consider when buying anything online sight unseen so make sure to use the same good buying practices you would buying a car online.
  • RV trader is another well-known listing website for used rigs. The listing fee is currently 34.95 and allows for both text and photos. There is a section for RV dealers and private sales shown separately. Look at RVs similar to yours in model and vintage to gauge your sales price.
  • Facebook Marketplace has grown wildly in popularity for selling everything from antiques to baby cribs and yes, vehicles like RVs. Listing takes some social media savvy, however so be sure to click around the marketplace to see how others have done their listings.
  • EBay remains one of the most used websites to sell virtually anything including RV models. There is a small fee to list it and a per photo price added on to the final listing cost. Some sellers put a disclaimer about only selling to local buyers so they can meet them in person.
  • Craigslist is similar to EBay and each of these websites has its own following of people who prefer to shop or sell there. Many people who sell on Craigslist ask potential buyers for personal information to Google them before an in-person meeting. They may also do a background or credit check to weed out unserious parties.
  • LetGo is a fairly new website and app that functions much the same way EBay does, with less allowance for product detail. Keep it short and sweet and highlight the benefits. The same precautions of an in person meeting should be followed for LetGo sales.
  • The final and undoubtedly best venue to list your RV would be with a seasoned RV consignments dealer. Consignment services often include a free appraisal, free parking on their sales lot, advice on what small repairs and upgrades to make to get top dollar and an experienced, industry-savvy sales staff to do all the tedious marketing work for you. It’s also a tremendous benefit to have a sales staff fielding replies to your advertisement and weeding out “tire kickers” who aren’t quite ready to actually buy anything.

RV consignment specialists also offer RV services like procuring upgrades or replacing missing parts to get your rig in tip top shape for selling. When you join their consignment program they add your model to their list of RVs for sale and provide extensive information about your RV to all serious buyers. Lastly, their customer service includes taking care of all the complicated paperwork involved with the sale and procuring all necessary licenses.

In conclusion, you have selling options for your used RV but when you look at the advantages an RV consignment dealer offers, it’s really a no brainer to consign your RV.