Need to Sell your RV for cash? If you’re not using it anymore that’s understandable. And as trends are today with the RV life becoming ever more popular, it’s a great time to sell. Or perhaps you’d like to upgrade to a larger model or even try out a new converted van or Class B camper instead. You’ll need cash for the switch.

To sell your RV for cash can be a time-consuming project, however. But it needn’t be a harrowing experience. Here are some tips to make the best use of your efforts:

1 – Decide where to sell. You can go with the old school “offline” method like advertising in a newspaper, local buy-sell-trade paper or put flyers up around town. If you’re internet savvy you might like to take advantage of EBay, Craigslist, Facebook marketplace or other social media. No matter where you decide to sell, there are important factors to consider. Decide who your target audience is and craft the message to appeal to that demographic. Play up the features of your model RV and the things you yourself have enjoyed while using it.

2 – Clean & Buff. Remove any personal effects and make it as neutral as possible so a buyer can picture themselves and their belongings in it. To sell a travel trailer for cash; or any RV for that matter, it must be scrubbed within an inch of its life and have any broken or not working things repaired. Don’t neglect the mechanical aspects. Make sure all vital workings are in good repair and functioning well. It also never hurts to make the interior inviting with a vase of fresh flowers or potted sedum plants to give a cozy feel. All these efforts will pay off with a top dollar offer.

3 – Price. Research the true market value to set your selling price. Getting cash for RVs is a lot simpler if you price it right in the beginning and don’t have to negotiate. The right RV buyer will recognize a fair price and won’t hesitate to buy your motor home with a cash offer. Check prices online for your make and model and year manufactured and set your price accordingly. If you have made upgrades or added features in the time you’ve owned it you can set your price a bit higher.

4 – Seller Integrity. The one thing that will send a potential buyer running is if they smell a lie. Tell it like it is when dealing with buyers and they’ll appreciate working with you. For example if you bought a new water containment system a few years ago say that. Don’t try to pass it off as brand new. You’ll be easily found out by a savvy buyer once they inspect it thoroughly.

5 – Or simply Consign. If all this sounds like a lot of time and work you don’t want to deal with there is an easier way. Call up your local RV consignment dealer and let them give you a free appraisal, consign your RV and sell it for you. They do all the legwork and marketing, including fielding calls from buyers so you don’t have to. Some will even give you cash for campers, travel trailers, conversion vans or bigger Class A motor homes.

That’s right. Your local consignment dealer will buy RVs and sell them so you don’t have to worry about it. They may even have the upgrade you’re looking for sitting on their lot. It doesn’t get easier than that, now does it? What’s more, a consignment dealer takes care of all the documentation, licenses and title work for you.

In conclusion, the 5 things to keep in mind when selling your RV for cash are: deciding where and how to sell, cleaning it up, pricing it right, staying honest and as another option going with a consignment dealer to sell it for you or buy it outright.

Using these helpful tips should have you pocketing cash for your used RV in no time.