5th Wheel RV’s

If you aren’t familiar with 5th wheel RV manufacturers and luxury 5th wheel RV’s , here is a list of  some of the more popular motorhome manufacturers:


If you have been trying to decide on whether to purchase a 5th wheel motorhome for sale or a luxury class A motorhome you may find the decision challenging. Some RV consumers will say that there is nothing better than traveling in a Class A motorhome which allows for a full and open view of the road and scenery! Class A RV’s handle quite well on the road even when towing a vehicle, but with a little practice, towing a 5th wheel can be just as easy to maneuver and with most 5th wheel RV models, swaying has been virtually eliminated. Fifth wheels range anywhere from around 12 feet to around 33 feet and the larger, upscale 5th wheels have extensive features with all of the comforts of home.

A Class A motorhome generally costs more than a 5th wheel, however if you purchase a 5th wheel you will have to purchase a vehicle that will tow it. Class A diesel RV’s generally will require more maintenance than a 5th wheel which will need tires and wheel bearings every few years.

The interior designs and features of a travel trailer can be very similar to the Class A RV but generally you can find a 5th wheel travel trailer for sale at a much lower cost. One of the disadvantages to a 5th wheel is that no passengers are allowed inside while on the road. For some, this is a big deal, especially if you are traveling with family.

If you currently own a 5th wheel and wish to upgrade to a Class A motorhome or Class B Motorhome, Easy Escapes RV can help you make that transition with ease. If however, you love what your 5th wheel offers in terms of cost, low maintenance and gas mileage but wish to sell your 5th wheel motorhome on consignment and upgrade to a newer model we can help. Simply fill out our online inquiry form or call us directly at (863) 450-4915.

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