Wondering why you may want to consider purchasing from RV consignment inventory instead of purchasing a new RV or buying from an owner? Whether it’s saving thousands of dollars or the reassurance that the sales staff has your best interests in mind, the reasons are many.

RV Consignment Inventory Advantages

  • You can drive over to any large RV sales lot to peruse row after row of brand new RV makes and models. However, consider the fact that depreciation can be up to 30% just driving it off the lot, another 10% at the end of the first year, and 6% for each year following.
  • You can skip the high-pressure sales pitches. No one wants to go to an RV dealer or car dealer and feel like they are being pushed into buying a make or model that may not be the best fit. Since RV consignment inventory doesn’t involve high quantities of one particular make or model, consignment professionals can work with you to help you find the right RV without pressuring you to make a purchase because they have to reduce a large volume of inventory. RV consignment companies, like Easy Escapes RV, can be much more focused on truly creating the best fit between you and a pre-owned motorhome.
  • Impartiality toward RV models and manufacturers. Since RV consignment inventory can take the form of many different makes and models, Easy Escapes RV is impartial when it comes to models and manufacturers. The goal is to see you drive away in an RV that you’ll be happy with for the long-term.
  • Brand new RVs don’t always make sense for everyone’s budget. For most families, especially those who go on a handful of trips each year, finding a more affordable pre-owned unit is often the best option. There are a number of online resources that offer tips to help you find great RV deals.

Now you now more about the advantages of considering RV consignment inventory versus new or buying from an owner. Just have to take into consideration that when you’re looking at pre-owned units, you may not have the same opportunity to cherry pick options or features, but if you give the consignment company a thorough idea about what you are looking for, they will work to find you a Class C, Class B or Class A RV with the features that are most important to you. Easy Escapes RV is 100% dedicated to consignments.