rv consignment

Doesn’t it drive you nuts when you walk into an RV dealer or car dealer and instantly feel like you’re being “sold?” You know what we mean. It’s that uncomfortable feeling you get when a salesman attempts to talk you into buying something that isn’t within your budget or just plain isn’t a good fit. Ugh, we don’t like that feeling either. We don’t spend our time and energy trying to confuse you with fancy RV lingo or trying be something we’re not.

We buy RVs and look at RVs for sale all of the time, and know that you (much like us) just want honesty without all of the sugar coating. When we started Easy Escapes RV, we vowed to be different… we vowed to provide helpful RV consignment services to those who needed to sell quickly and for those who were interested in pre owned motorhomes for sale.

Our focus remains on helping you find the best pre owned RV or helping you sell your RV for cash. There are certain realities that we think everyone should know about — realities that make you more informed as a buyer or as a seller.

Ways We Do RV Consignment Differently

  • We realize that we can’t help everybody. We want to find you the right RV for your family or help you sell your RV fast so you have the cash in hand. However, there will be times when we won’t have your ideal RV. Or, there may be situations when a Florida RV consignment company may not be the best choice for you. Regardless, we will provide you with options so that you can move forward in an informed and intelligent manner. We have a network of professional RV connections!
  • We are solely focused on RV consignments and pre owned RVs for sale. We don’t have a brand new line of RVs that compete for sales or pressure us to move inventory. This means you get honest guidance about which RV models would be sensible choices — including class a diesel rvs, class b rvs, fifth wheel rvs, and travel trailers.
  • We provide you with a professional RV appraisal. We explain how we come up with the value of your RV because it shouldn’t be some big mystery. We work with you so that you feel part of the process. One of our goals is to empower you as a buyer or seller to make educated decisions that honor your goals and lifestyle.

Customers from as far away as San Francisco, California have contacted us because they know that the Easy Escapes RV name means straight-up good service without all the pushy sales tactics. There are plenty of dealers that go that route, but that’s not us. Give us a call at 863-450-4915 to find out first-hand why we’re different.