Making a big ticket purchase is always tricky. You’re investing in something that you want to enjoy for years to come but you also don’t want to overpay. Much of the anxiety comes from not knowing if new or used is the better option for you.

This guide lists all the pros and cons of buying a new RV as well as buying a used RV. Use this list to check off your own preferences one way or the other while researching various types of RVs.

RVs come in so many models, sizes and layouts. The type of RV that’s right for you could be a travel trailer, Class B or luxurious Class A. The trick is knowing what your priorities are before perusing all those travel trailers and fifth wheels. This list will help you do that.

The Pros of Buying a New RV

 RV dealers will eagerly show you the latest models on their lot, spending hours demonstrating the latest features. This is all good info and you can decide which features fit your RV lifestyle goals. The pros include:


  • All the latest tech and gadgets
  • No risk of unseen damage
  • Get a customized rig exactly the way you want it
  • Product warranty and dealer extended warranty protection


The Cons of Buying a New RV

 There can be a downside depending on what you want from your RV and what you’re willing to pay. Those cons include:


  • High cost of factory fresh models
  • Expensive tech adds cost
  • Higher insurance premiums
  • 25% lost value when you drive it off the lot


Now you’re wondering about used RVs and how they stack up. There are some advantages to buying a used recreational vehicle. RV owners generally keep their rigs in good shape should they decide to change models or sizes. Most keep meticulous maintenance records as an incentive for potential buyers. We can highly recommend purchasing a used RV to begin your RV life. After all, if you decide it’s not for you it saves on your initial investment.


The Pros of Buying a Used RV

 A consignment dealer will have many RVs for sale. It is advantageous however to purchase an RV on consignment rather than via private sale. Dealers do a careful appraisal and test drive before they consign any used RV.


  • Appraised and inspected models
  • Save thousands of dollars
  • Redecorate, revamp or restore to your liking and lifestyle
  • Cheaper to insure


The Cons of Buying a Used RV

 You will save money buying a used RV but there can also be risks. Water damage, engine damage or other major wear and tear may not be visible on immediate inspection. This can prove costly if you aren’t prepared for it.


  • Rig may have unseen damage from wear and tear or accident
  • It may be difficult finding parts or materials for older models
  • Custom built solutions may be necessary for remodel or restoration


Use this list to evaluate what your priorities and expectations are for your RV. If you want to travel full time with maximum comfort, a new RV may be better for you. If however, you simply want a rig for the occasional weekend getaway a used RV might be the more economical choice. RV sales both new and used will have the perfect RV for you and your dream RV life.