RV Consignment

RV consignment is the ideal way to sell your Class A, B or 5th Wheel motorhome when you don’t have a lot of free time to answer phone calls, set up appointments to show the RV, or help buyers obtain financing. If you’d like to sell your motorhome as soon as possible, while ensuring that you get fair market value, RV consignment is a hassle-free way to do it. The goal of most dealers, as well as RV owners, is to sell your RV quickly at the best price.

RV Consignment Services

Services may vary slightly from one RV consignment dealer to another, although most dealers offer the following services:

  • Setting a fair market price for your RV
  • Advertising in traditional and electronic media
  • Meeting with potential buyers
  • Accepting trade-ins or paying immediate cash for your RV
  • Assisting with RV financing for buyers

RV Dealer Commissions & Fees

The average RV consignment period ranges from one month to 90 days. Your RV dealer may charge a set commission, such as 10 percent of the selling price. Or, they may base the commission on the overall value of the motorhome and the final selling price. There are also dealers that charge a one-time initial inspection or set-up fee before they will accept your RV on consignment. Make sure you understand exactly how the commission structure and fees work, and read through the consignment agreement carefully.

Insurance Coverage

Before signing any consignment agreement, contact your insurance agent to find out whether or not your RV will be covered while it’s on a dealer’s lot. Your insurance policy may contain an RV consignment coverage exclusion. Different insurance companies use slightly different language to describe policy features, and policies vary by state and company.

If a dealership doesn’t bring up the topic of insurance, know that it’s your responsibility to ask. Don’t assume that your RV will be covered by the RV dealer’s insurance. Always thoroughly read, and fully understand, all terms as they are outlined in your RV insurance policy.

If you live in Florida and have questions about consigning your RV, contact Easy Escapes RV in Auburndale by calling (863) 450-4915 or by sending us a message through our Easy Escapes RV Facebook Page. Easy Escapes RV makes buying and selling process simple.