Is Your RV Looking For New Adventures But You’re Not? We Can Help.

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easy escapes rvThere are many reasons why RV’s sit in driveways abandoned and bored. Life situations change unexpectedly sometimes, and with it your priorities. Driving around central Florida one often spots a still-virile RV parked on blacktop just waiting for the rustle of keys walking his way. Months go by as his owner’s life takes new direction, leaving the RV to dream alone.

Are there support groups for these poor vehicles? Are there secret meetings where Class A; Class B and Class C RV’s listen intently to the laments of yet another fifth wheel longing for the feel of unexplored asphalt beneath him?

And what of the owners’ predicament? How can they assuage the guilt of abandonment; a situation thrust on them through no fault of their own? Surely someone out there is ripe for new adventures or a rolling vacation home, they reason. But how do they find a perfect match for their ward? Does such a service even exist?

In central Florida it does. It’s called RV consignment at Easy Escapes RV and it’s the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Easy Escapes RV has 40 years of matchmaking experience, specializing in high-quality used RV’s. Their unparalleled knowledge enables them to find the perfect home for your travel trailer or fifth wheel; or any class RV. You will know your baby is in good hands.

Easy Escapes RV personalizes the transaction by coming to you, anywhere in central Florida. A detailed assessment of your RV is made paying special attention to the unique features most sought after by buyers. Once contracted to RV consignment waiting for a new owner, your RV will chill securely on a fenced, paved lot complete with 24-hour camera surveillance. Peace of mind is yours, (as well as more room in your driveway.)

There’s more good news. If Easy Escapes RV can’t find the perfect new owner there’s no fee. Yes, you read that right.

So the next time you look out the kitchen window at your lonely RV ask yourself if an RV consignment is for you. Ask yourself if there’s an RV consignment near me.

The answer is yes!

Then take the phone out of your pocket and call Easy Escapes RV…..the perfect match for you.

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