RV security is something that every RVer should be aware of in order to avoid theft or vandalism. The good news is that RVers tend to be quite neighborly by nature, and they do a pretty good job of looking out for each other. Although, by remembering to do a few key things, you can put your mind at ease and cut your chances of having to deal with theft.

RV Security Tips

  1. Select a well-lit area for overnight parking. If you choose to park overnight at a truck stop or parking lot, always remember that there is safety in numbers. Parking near other RVers in a brightly-lit area will be safer than parking in a dark spot where there are no other vehicles.
  1. Reduce the chances of temptation by keeping your valuables out of sight. Keep items like cameras, binoculars, jewelry, hiking gear, fishing rods, and golf clubs locked inside your RV or in a secured storage compartment. If you plan to travel with valuables, it’s a good idea to invest in a small safe.
  1. If you plan to take a long day hike or be away from your RV for an extended period of time, pull the shades. This will prevent thieves from peering into your windows to see what you have inside that they can take.
  1. Keep your camping area tidy. Pick up and store items like bikes, toys, cooking equipment or anything else of value if you plan to be away from your RV. If you leave items scattered around your campsite, you run a much higher risk of someone taking something.
  1. Invest in an RV security A security system doesn’t have to be anything expensive or elaborate. There are a number of RV security options that you can consider. Security cameras, alarms, deadbolts, and/or motion detecting lights can all be used to help keep your family and your belongings safe.
  1. If you know that a fellow RVer is going to be staying at the campground or RV park while you go exploring with your family for the day, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they would mind checking on your campsite — just be prepared to do the same for them if they happen to ask.

Many motorhome models have built-in RV security features such as locking storage compartments and alarm systems. If you are in the market for a pre-owned RV, and want to learn about security options that may be included on certain models, contact Easy Escapes RV at (863) 450-4915.