I want to buy an RV.  Where do I start?

You’ve been enchanted by the RV lifestyle for quite a while now. You’ve done the research, walked the lots and read exciting stories of cross-country road trips others are taking. You want that. Heck, you’ve waited all your life to live this dream and now you’ve finally made the decision to invest in the vehicle to help you live that dream: a beautiful RV.

Now what? As an RV enthusiast you know basically what RV’s contain and can do, but do you really? There are so many RV models and makes to choose from offering a long list of features.

Others will lack some of the features you thought they had. Standard features might include a water heater but how big is it? Is it large enough for the number of travelers in your family?

Depending on that number a small thing like a water tank can become a big thing when everyone is dirty from a long hike in a national park. What about fresh water options? What’s the hook-up requirement? Are the RV parks you plan on visiting a match for your rig?

It’s time to visit an RV show and get to know all your available options. Buying an RV is an investment in the rest of your life’s leisure activities or possibly even your lifestyle if you plan to live in an RV full time, so it’s important to find the perfect fit.

An RV camping show is a wonderland of options. You can see every make, model and size. Is a Class A what you had in mind or is a travel trailer more fitting? There are other small details you’ll want to notice including prices, colors, materials, equipment installed as standard.

You should plan on spending an entire day or possibly two if you can. It will take time to see, touch and consider each model and how it fits your plans. Make sure to check out every kind of RV: 5th wheels, campers, travel trailers and Class B RVs. 

Florida is home to one of the largest RV shows in the country and it’s the perfect chance to get all the information you’ll need making only a short drive. Please consult the link for show dates and take advantage of a show opportunity. It will be time well spent.

A word of caution must be given, however. There will be representatives there to answer any question you can think of so bring a notebook and take rigorous notes. They can also inform you of tips and tricks for getting the most out of each model on the road.

Some of them might be a little pushy but you don’t want to make a major decision like this on the fly. This is an investment that requires research and thought. Just gather all your notes and take them home to process everything you’ve seen.

Taking the time to consider and reconsider and consider again is a natural part of the RV buying process. When you’re finally ready to hand over a check for your RV rig you can rest assured you’ve made the right decision for you and your family. In the end you’ll hit the road on scenic trips or traveling full time and loving your life choices.