For potential travel trailer buyers, finding the right one can be an exhausting journey. What looked great online turns out not so great when you see it in person. After spending hours online winnowing the field of listings to the few they want to actually see and driving to the RV’s location, a less-than-ideal specimen is a major letdown.

So here’s some advice for those of you wondering, “How do I sell my travel trailer?” – a to-do list for your rig before you even list it for sale.

Sell My Travel Trailer for Cash – Step 1

  1. Have it appraised. You might think your baby is in great shape but an appraiser can either verify that or dispel that notion. It’s important to know because potential buyers will be inspecting your travel trailer inch by inch and asking a lot of questions not just about the cosmetics but about the function. If there are some systems on the edge of breaking down or some window seals that are worn and cracked, items such as these should be fixed before putting it up for sale. It will save you a lot of time in the long run. An RV consignment agent is often the best place to get it appraised, as they know what buyers care about. It’s often more involved than just deciding one day that you’re “selling my trailer.”
  2. Repair & Upgrade. Putting in a ton of effort to sell your travel trailer via private sale means you don’t want to waste any of that time. In order to get the most money from your rig, it is important to fix anything that is in need of repair. After that, you should consider small upgrades that make a difference to potential buyers. Even a few hundred dollars invested can mean an extra couple of thousand more in your pocket at closing. An RV consignment specialist can advise you on which upgrades are best for your brand and model RV.
  3. Clean, then clean some more. Nothing puts off potential buyers more than a dirty travel trailer. If you’re wondering how do I sell my used travel trailer, rule number one is to make sure it is spotless inside and out. Get into every nook and cranny and scrub it. Polish everything metal and buff everything plastic. It will give the buyers an impression that the rig has been well maintained and that it is in “like new” condition. Reputable RV consignment companies offer cleaning services for RV’s consigned with them.

Selling My Trailer Online

Used correctly, social media platforms can be a great tool to sell your travel trailer fast. A great many sellers post their travel trailers for sale on Facebook Marketplace. But be careful; there are pitfalls here that could waste a lot of your time.

Most people gravitate toward Facebook RV groups or camper groups to list their trailers for sale. But this could be a huge time-waster. Many of these groups have members all over the country and the rigs for sale are all over the country too. Are you prepared to deal with someone who may or may not follow through and fly out to buy your travel trailer? You could be on messenger for a week before they finally stop responding. You will also be open to people who love to scam sellers online.

The best tool on Facebook is Facebook Marketplace. But be sure to choose the one that is local to your area, and choose a distance radius of no more than 50 miles. Buyers will seldom drive further than this. You want the pool of potential buyers to be as close to home as possible.

Dealing with Local Buyers

Once you have interested local buyers be sure to qualify them. Many are just comparative shopping and will waste your time with haggling so they can use the promised lower price to negotiate with another seller across town.

The following sellers’ tips are also important:

  •       Make sure they can put a deposit down in the form of a cashier’s check if they want you to “hold it for them.” Buyers who won’t do this are most likely the comparative shopper mentioned earlier.
  •       Have all the necessary paperwork ready to go. Sometimes you will have a potential buyer show up who is ready to close immediately.

Another Option for Fast RV Sales: RV Consignment

If you’re not sure you have the time or desire to go through the motions of preparing, cleaning, listing, and fielding buyers, the better option for you may be to contact an RV consignment specialist. They handle everything from listing to closing and have a pool of potential buyers already on their roster.

Find out more about RV consignment today by clicking here.