eat healthier on the road

While it’s true that you may not always have access to a kitchen or know exactly where to find the best produce stand, it is possible to eat healthier while traveling. There are plenty of positive changes that you can make now so that you’re not left feeling sluggish and guilt-ridden when you get back into your regular routine.

  1. Pack healthy, non-perishable snacks so that you aren’t tempted to stop for fast food or grab something out of a vending machine. Almonds are a perfect example of a snack that will help you eat healthier while traveling because they contain healthy fats, fiber, protein, magnesium and vitamin E. You can also pack a few apples, pears or oranges for
  1. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. You’ve been hearing people preach this for years, and there’s a good reason for it. Water will help flush your body of toxins, keep your skin fresh, and prevent you from over-eating. It will also help you avoid travel lag and sugar cravings. Everyone in the family should bring along a reusable water bottle on each trip.
  1. Eat complete protein and limit processed carbohydrates. Protein stabilizes blood sugar (preventing energy lags), enhances concentration, and keeps you lean. When you need energy for a long hike or a long drive, it will help to fuel your body with lean protein. Look for recipes for hemp or chia seed bars, and whip up a batch before your trip. While complete proteins are typically animal-based proteins, these are two plant sources that are also considered complete.
  1. Cut out soft drinks and candy. Sugar may give you that initial rush of energy, but it also causes you to crash. Do yourself a favor by skipping the sodas and Twizzlers. If you have a craving for something sweet, go for a natural option such as dried fruit, raisins or figs. Dried figs will help satisfy your craving for something sweet, plus they contain minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc.
  1. Eat more frequent, smaller meals. One easy way to eat healthier while traveling is to eat smaller meals more frequently. Think of your body as a furnace, and think of food as fuel for the fire. The fire (your metabolism) burns much more efficiently if it’s consistently fed small amounts of fuel throughout the day. Saving the majority of your daily calorie intake for one or two meals can slow your metabolism down more than you might think.

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