Do you ever feel like your grandkids are speaking a different language? Wonder what it would take to be a hip grandparent who knows how to relate your grandkids in a relevant way? One thing is for sure, since life tends to take a rather hectic pace (particularly when kids are involved), it increases the need for quality one-on-one time with your grandchildren.

As your grandkids grow up, it doesn’t have to be difficult to remain an important part of their lives. You just have to adjust your position to one that your grandchild can relate to. No need to be puzzled about what your grandkids are doing or saying, just read this grandparent’s guide to being a hip!

Hip Grandparent’s Guide

  • Learn to play a few online games with your grandkids. Most of the online games are also available as downloadable apps for your iPhone or Android. Games such as Disney’s Club Penguin or Minecraft, are two good examples. If your grandkids don’t live nearby, you can even play some of the tournament games together with while on FaceTime. If you don’t know what FaceTime is, you may want to learn about that too.
  • Listen to your grandchild’s favorite playlist. Yes, this may mean listening to a few songs from the Queen Bee (Beyoncé Knowles) or Justin Timberlake, but it’s all about the bonding experience. Trust us, when you are able to sing along to a few verses with them, it’ll mean the world.
  • Take a class together. Find out what your grandchild is passionate about. Maybe he or she loves fishing and wants to learn more about fly fishing. Set aside the time to take a fly casting lesson If he or she is interested in music, attend a musical performance together or learn to play the harmonica.
  • Invite your grandkids on vacation. Having your grandchildren along on vacation will not only give you a chance to spend more time with them, but you can also turn it into an educational experience that they will appreciate. If there is a historical landmark or activities of special interest to them at your destination, allow them to help make the decisions about where to go and what to do.
  • Go to a movie together. On a weekend afternoon when you are together, ask your grandchild if there is a particular movie they want to see and go see a matinee. While it may not be something that you would usually watch, it can give you some insight into what your grandchild is interested in right now. Who knows – it may even lead to a great conversation.

Since you have already read the grandparent’s guide to being hip, now you can learn about some of the camping experiences at our National Parks that you can share with your grandkids.