Read this very carefully: it has never been a better time to sell your used RV. There is a rapidly growing interest in the RV lifestyle and more people set off on the road every day living their RV dream life. If you have been Googling “RV consignment dealer near me” you have excellent instincts.

RV consignment dealers all over the United States are now taking consignments to meet the growing demand and local consignment dealer Easy Escapes RV is no exception. All models of motorhomes are eligible for consideration including travel trailers, 5th wheels, Class B vans and camper vans.

Some models are hotter commodities than others but with help from a consignment dealer like Easy Escapes RV your sales dollar potential can be maximized. Your dealer can find the perfect buyer faster and more efficiently than you can on your own. Here’s why:


  1. Honest Appraisal – All RV owners think their RV is in tip top shape but is it really? Are there underlying issues that need fixing before you roll it onto the lot? Or are there features you never used that are in demand right now? RV consignment dealers know these things and will give you an honest assessment about what your RV is worth as well as tips for a more profitable transaction.
  2. Expert Advice and Assistance – Not only can your RV consignment dealer evaluate your rig honestly, they can also give tips for small improvements or additions that don’t cost much but would bring hundreds of dollars more at closing with the right buyer. They can even point you to a reputable tradesman to complete those changes or take care of that on your behalf.
  3. Experienced Staff – When you consign your RV you’re reaping the benefit of an experienced sales staff, multi-venue marketing including social media as well as avoiding the hassle of fielding phone calls, emails and texts. That’s all done for you while you sit back and wait for a big check to be slipped into your hand. If you want an easier way to sell your RV there really isn’t one.

In conclusion: you need an honest appraisal, expert advice and an experienced RV consignment dealer with a great sales staff at your disposal to get the maximum sales price from your used RV.

There are thousands of RVs for sale all over the world but yours might be the perfect one a new buyer is looking for. Motorhomes offer freedom and an exciting travel life on the road either full time or occasionally. The RV lifestyle, besides being popular with Baby Boomers, has become a sought after way of life for Gen Xers and Millennials as well.

The current pool of potential buyers for your RV is growing daily and consignment dealers like Easy Escapes RV have buyers waiting to see your rig. It couldn’t be better conditions for you if you’re looking to sell your used RV. Call us today to find out more!