fifth wheel travel trailer

Fifth wheels are becoming more popular with the road trip crowd. Class A, Class B and Class C RV models once dominated the motorhome market, but fifth wheel trailers are beginning to gain more attention for a number of reasons. If you want the highest number of square feet at the lowest cost, then buying a pre-owned fifth wheel trailer should be a consideration.

Benefits of Fifth Wheels

  • When your budget is more in alignment with a small RV or motorhome, but you still want enough room to use your RV on a full-time basis for at least part of the year, a fifth wheel is a good option. Many fifth wheel models are equipped with slide-outs that give you additional living space.
  • Without an engine and drive train to be concerned about, the chance of a major defect is less likely with fifth wheels. However, it’s important that you have a heavy-duty truck in order to pull the load safely. Be sure to inquire with the dealer or manufacturer if you have any questions about the type of truck you need to use.
  • Since fifth wheels usually range in size from 18 to 40 feet long, they can work well for both long-distance adventures and local camping trips.
  • Fifth wheels are fairly easy to hitch and unhitch, while also being easier to back up than a conventional travel trailer.
  • Fifth wheel RVs tow stable with little to no sway, and they handle quite well. This means that you can relax a bit more while you’re driving.
  • The ceiling height and split-level floor plan of most fifth wheel models allows you to maximize living and storage space. There is often an area below the bathroom which functions as a large storage bay.
  • Always double check with your agent, but you will often find that insurance is generally less for a fifth wheel trailer and truck than it is for a motorhome.

Now that you know some of the reasons why fifth wheel sales are on the rise, be sure to consider the other side of the coin. For example, for those who are brand new to RVing, maneuvering a truck and trailer can requires a fair amount of practice. Although, that’s what Easy Escapes RV is here for — to make your buying and selling experience simple by helping you find the best pre-owned RV for your lifestyle.