Deciding on the right type of RV for your lifestyle is crucial to the amount of time you will end up driving it and yes, enjoying it. There are many different types of van conversions to choose from but the Class B motorhome is indeed in a class by itself. Forget everything you ever knew about the VW hippie vans of the 60’s. These luxurious RVs are fit for a millionaire.

Buying an RV can be a bit daunting. There are endless floor plans, features and custom perks you can order. It’s really a game of how much comfort and elegance do you want. It’s all up to you, your lifestyle and the way you want to live the RV life.

Why Choose a Class B?

Conversion van RVs will typically offer you the advantage of great gas mileage without sacrificing any of the great comfort you want. Parking is a breeze and you can even off-road to a certain extent, which would prove a bit problematic in a larger class RV. Heavy traffic won’t be as much of an issue nor will navigating roads you don’t know. It’s not much different than driving a regular van. Once you get to the national park of your choice setting up and tearing down is quick and easy. At the RV park, you’ll have a wider selection of places to set up as well, due to the smaller size of your rig. Front wheel drive means safety in inclement weather and better maneuverability.

Features and Benefits of the Class B Van

The base of a Class B RV commonly starts with gutting a Mercedes Benz van to create a custom home camper van. Not a bad start, right? Fuel can be gas or diesel, whichever you prefer. Interiors are outfitted with loads of gorgeous cabinets, generous sleeping spaces, kitchenettes, wet baths and digital goodies like built-in flat screens and stereo systems. Many even come with solar panels.

The Class B is the perfect size for a couple or a small family of 4. There’s enough room to travel without mashing into one another and enough room to sleep with a little privacy if you’re related to one another.

Typical features include an awning that expands outdoor living space once parked. A kitchenette will typically feature only two burners on the stove top but this is generally what people use at home if they aren’t cooking a big holiday meal. A wet bath is pretty standard for the Class B which is a toilet/shower combination. It’s common in European apartments and a very efficient way to save space for other built-in luxuries.

Check out the Latest Models for Yourself

There are many makes and models of Class B RVs to choose from. The best way to get to know an RV class is to go kick the tires yourself. Sit inside and picture yourself hitting the road on that long-awaited road trip or enjoying life among full time RVers. If the fit is right, you’ll know it.


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