RV Etiquette

Don’t be “that person” at the campground. You know the one… that person who has absolutely no clue about proper RV etiquette. Much like minding your manners at the dinner table, you need to mind your manners when you are at the RV park or campground too. During busy periods at campgrounds and RV parks, your RV will be parked in close proximity to others. Be a respectful RVer, and avoid making any of these RV etiquette mistakes.

RV Etiquette Mistakes

  1. Poor parking practices. Stay on your designated side of the utility hook-ups, and don’t have awnings or slide-outs encroaching on the next site over. Look at your campground map if you aren’t sure about the preferred orientation. If you stay at an RV park or campground where there is no uniformity in size, shape or orientation of sites, the main objective is to park in a way that provides everyone with a fair share of privacy and room.
  1. Not greeting other RVers. Take a minute to say “hello” to your RV park or campground neighbors. This doesn’t mean you have to have a long conversation, but a friendly greeting is always good RV etiquette and does wonders when it comes to making new friends.
  1. Turning up your television or radio too loud. Even if you have your RV windows and doors shut, a loud television or radio can still carry across a campground or RV park.
  1. Trespassing or walking through another person’s campsite. During the time an RV or camper is on a site, their privacy should be respected. If you decide to take a stroll around the campground, stay on roads and pathways.
  1. Not following the rules at the campground or RV park, including set quiet hours. Each park or campground will have a specific set of rules.
  1. Not picking up after your pets or watching your pets. Always bring “doo-doo” bags along, and don’t leave your barking dog unattended where he or she may be annoying your RV park or campground neighbors for hours at a time.
  1. Littering or being messy. RVers are generally a pretty laid back bunch, but there is a point where too much clutter outside of your RV just looks plain messy. Be particularly mindful of trash or anything loose that might blow around like plastic grocery bags, paper plates, or Styrofoam cups. Good RV etiquette means leaving your campsite even better than it was when you arrived.
  1. Not using designated fire pits for campfires. Always use good judgment when you decide to start a campfire. Use your designated fire pit, burn clean wood, and don’t throw your trash into the fire pit. If the wind starts to blow smoke or ashes into your neighbor’s site, put it out.
  1. Forgetting to secure your sewage line. Yuck! Loose or ruptured sewage lines not only stink, they can be a real health hazard — particularly when it comes to children and pets.

When it comes right down to it, the golden rule and RV etiquette go hand in hand. Treat other RVers as you would want to be treated. Now, go visit a few new beautiful RV camping spots and be sure to practice proper RV etiquette once you arrive!