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If you have been wondering where to list your RV for sale in Florida in the Lakeland or Winter Haven area, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. Most people begin their search on the internet with something like “where can I sell my RV online for free,” or “sell my RV for free.” And that’s a good place to begin gathering basic information. You’ll discover that there are lots of places to sell your RV online.

RV Trader for Sale by Owner

You will no doubt discover the most promoted websites for selling RVs like RV Trader. This is possibly the most visited website for people buying and selling RVs. It works much the same way as online car trading websites do, and there are not only dealerships listing new rigs but there are also private owners looking for a quick sale.

When you first begin spending time on RV Trader you’ll discover how others list their RVs for sale. Write down the best descriptions for RVs the same brand and model as the one you’re looking to sell. It will be easier to write your own ad and use words that will help your listing stand out in a crowded field.

Once you have written a product description, there are other things you must do to attract the attention of potential buyers:

  • High-quality photos – High-resolution photos of a very clean and shiny RV will get the most clicks. Think of glamor shots with palm trees in the background, for example.
  •       Detailed description – Potential buyers don’t just want basic facts like make, model, and mileage. They want to know what upgrades and perks have been made, as well as a maintenance rundown of major systems. This will attract serious buyers who already have the means to buy for cash.
  •       Benefits – Give a short description of how upgrades or add-ons have improved your RV life. For example, if you have added solar panels give an account of how it has improved battery life. If you have upgraded to a larger water tank recount how many more days you can go without a refill.
  •       Get creative when describing perks – If your RV has amazing features you should not only show photos of it but possibly upload a short video of how it works. Buyers will begin to feel a connection with a product when they view online the same features they might see in person.
  •       Easy contact – Make it as easy as possible for a potential buyer to contact you. Be sure to include your email or private telephone number if allowed on the listing website.
  •       Follow-up – When potential buyers contact you be sure to follow up within 15 minutes if possible. Even if it is to say you received the message and will call them back shortly. Confirmation that the message has been received is all-important.

If all this sounds very time-consuming and like a lot of work, it is. If you either don’t have time or don’t want to spend the time it takes to sell your RV online, there is another way; a better way.

The Best Place to Sell Your RV Online

RV consignment specialists are a godsend for RV owners who want a quick sale for top dollar but don’t want to spend days creating a detailed online profile on RV Trader and possibly not even get one query.

RV consignment dealers take care of absolutely everything on your behalf. They give you an honest appraisal, tell you directly a realistic market price you can expect to get for your make and model, and they do all the work preparing your RV to be sold online, including photos and marketing. They even take care of all the documents necessary for closing the deal. When they’re done they hand you a check. It’s that easy!

In Conclusion

There are popular places online to list and sell your RV. But be prepared to put in a lot of time and effort preparing your listing so it doesn’t just disappear into the crowd. Hiring an RV consignment specialist might be the better option for you if you don’t have the time to prepare an effective online profile for your rig.

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