Those glossy brochures from RV dealers featuring the latest rig and every fancy gadget known to man are indeed enticing. Anyone who’s ever stepped inside a brand new RV and smelled the newness can be swayed by the sparkles emanating from the shiny new interiors. It’s the same with anything factory fresh; you want it.

However, if you are planning on full time RV living read on. There are things to consider that you may have buried in your subconscious, afraid to break the magical spell. These things may not seem important now but absolutely will 6 months or a year down the line. The shiny new RV you’re about to buy may not be the perfect RV to full time live.

This article isn’t intended to discourage life on the road, visiting national parks or even working remotely in your RV. Its purpose is to help you buy an RV wisely. If you are planning to live full time in your RV there are priorities you should make now to avoid hassles and daily irritations.

That gorgeous new travel trailer may not be optimal for the way you live your life day to day. You may find a 5th wheel more practical. Or vice versa. Looking, stepping into and even driving an RV aren’t the most important buying tasks. Read below to find out what they really are.

  1. Durability. Once you’ve parked your RV at a campsite or RV park to relax for a year you may find that the one you have chosen doesn’t stand up to the daily wear and tear you’ll be putting it under. Remember: most people don’t RV full time and those who do know that things will break faster than they would for a weekend warrior. Flash is good but quality build is best for full time RVing.

Inspect the high traffic areas; check the hinges on cabinets and slide function of drawers. Are all the faucets and drains working properly? Is the shower cabinet holding up? These are things used multiple times a day that just have to work when you want them to work.

The answer to some of these questions can be answered by a consignment RV dealer who has seen used rigs on a daily basis, evaluating them for sale. They can give excellent advice as to which RV rigs can take a licking and still keep you living the RV lifestyle.


2) Functionality. This one is equally important. The type of RV you choose should allow you to live as easily as you would in a stationary home with minor adjustments for size. Stand in the RV you’re considering and look around. Imagine yourself sitting in the main living space every evening watching television or working on your laptop. Is it comfortable? Does the fabric scratch your legs? Can you lean back for an hour without hurting your back?

Next, stand in the kitchen area and look at what industry insiders call the “Barbie oven.” Will you be able to make the meals you want in there? Is there space for a small microwave, coffee machine and other items you use daily? Can you store everything you want to take with you? And most importantly, can you do without certain things that won’t fit?

Here are some things to look for when researching various RV models:


  • Larger microwave or oven
  • Large fridge with ice maker
  • 2 AC units
  • Manifold system
  • LED lights
  • Leveling system
  • Generous tank capacities

In conclusion, the two most important things about a full time RV are durability and functionality. Full time RVers will tell you that bells and whistles are fantastic but comfortable living will make you happier in the long run.